Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ron Paul Outplays Megyn Kelly

You know, the Ron Paul surge in the polls is for real, when even Meygn Kelly is treating Ron Paul with respect.

In the clip below, Dr. Paul, ever the gentleman, politely and cheerfully answers questions from Kelly.

Remarkably, she trashes CBS for giving Dr. Paul only 89 seconds of talk time during the recent debate and asks him what does he think is going on with the little debate time he is getting. Yet, I remember distinctly how she skipped over Dr. Paul, when she was asking questions during the FOX sponsored debate.

I would have never been able to hold my tongue and would have said to her, "Well, you did it to me during the FOX debate. Why did you do it?"

The ever cool congressman, on the other hand, turned the piece into another opportunity to just get his message out.

Well played, Dr Paul..


  1. RP personifies what it means to have class and dignity. He recognizes the ideas are "bigger" than him.

  2. I don't like Megyn's comment at the 1:07 mark where she uses the term "creeping up in the polls." Why not use the word "rising in the polls" or "gaining"? Using the word "creeping" is the same old CIA, establishment fear, painting law and responsibility as creepy.

  3. I would have let that dumbass Megan have it, too.

  4. I do wish that Ron Paul would start an interview with some excitement in his voice instead of a drawn out "Wellllllll."

    It's just part of his personality though. Obviously he shouldn't be changing his message, but I wish he'd get some more coaching on his speeches. I don't want him to be come a slick politician, but he always sounds so tentative when he starts talking.

    Once he get to talking and gets on a roll though, he does great.

  5. He's a good man. I'm going to a Republican club meeting tonight to put on a presentation about Ron Paul with some guys I met through Campaign for Liberty.

  6. Finally. TV news recognizes Ron Paul as the Top Tier Frontrunner he is. His message, integrity, and record speaks for itself. Please do more positive Ron Paul articles.