Monday, December 26, 2011

Altucher Advice: Don’t Eat Too Much Junk Food If You Are an Entrepreneur

In probably his most important column ever, James discusses what it is like to be an entrepreneur. The ups and downs, the changes in strategies etc.

Note: Although everything James writes in his column is accurate, my definition of an entrepreneur is a bit more broad. It includes people who see opportunities that can be converted to cash immediately.

The type of entrepreneur James is discussing is the way most people think of entrepreneurs. It is the long-term entrepreneur, who is working on a long term project, where many, many things can go wrong and often will. In these situations, perseverance and the ability to adapt are very important. James explains it in his column, along with what happened after he took his then five-year old daughter bowling, and while he was playing on his cell phone, she dropped a bowling ball on her toes. The column is here.


  1. Why have such a large proportion of our population decided to become slobs?

    Some argue they are brainwashed by fast food commercials and tempted by the low price of carb and fat rich foods to eat themselves to death. All this whilst using the low cost and convenience of modern technology and transport to reduce their physical exercise to that required to change cable TV channels. Some argue that only by extending the nanny state even further can the slob menace be stopped.

    Libertarians are concerned that the nanny state is just an extension of the big brother state and that exercise and diet are no concern of the regime. This is an argument I agree with but the "ensloberisation" of the population is something we should be concerned about too.

    Perhaps people have been so brainwashed by the nanny state ideology all their lives that they fail to take responsibility for their own bodies and have been brainwashed by governments and their favoured corporations into adopting a purely passive attitude to life. Eat, consume, pay taxes, vote, die.

  2. @ the Anon above me..

    Uh, fast food? Isn't public schooling the problem?

    I mean for like 12 years you go to school, they don't teach you anything about the real world. By the time you get home your parents are tires from work and really don't spend any time with you..

    And then by the time your 18, most people go to college.

    They don't learn a trade or how to balance a check book most likely..

    Don't learn how to see opportunities..


    I mean, that's my theory anyways.