Friday, December 2, 2011

An Apology to Austrian Economists

EPJ's Hans Palmstierna emails:
You have to love this one. Ambrose-Evans Pritchard is apparently feeling the need for an apology to the Austrians before recommending the printing of money.

I think thats another score for the Mises Institute, especially the phrase "Austrian internet vigilantes". The revolution is underway, and the Keynesian/Monetarist era is close to the end, it seems. We are going to ridicule them to death!
Long live the Austrian Internet Vigilantes!


  1. Trade bonds based on solid economic principles, and you're a "Bond Vigilante."

    Speak of solid economic principles, and you're an "Austrian Internet Vigilante."

    What a bizarre trend...when truth is treated as fiction...

    Looking forward to the intellectual reversal.

  2. The fact is there is more money to be had in shilling for central bank money printing than for honest money. You get paid to write columns for major periodicals, elite university jobs, and banking gigs. Compare this to the honest money scribe and what he gets. The hard money writer is blackballed, and smeared as a crank. There is far more compensation in being a sellout shill for central bank intervention like the smirk ridden Ambrose Evans-Pritchard here.

  3. Let's accept that label proudly and run with it.

    I'm more than happy to be known as a Austrian Internet Vigilante.