Friday, December 30, 2011

Dow Just Had It's Best Quarter Since 2003

Up 12%.

Bennie's dollars are hitting the system. Next the price-inflation.

To be noted: The S&P actually ended the year where it started. Bennie didn't start printing until well into the year. The rocket just took off in the fourth quarter, despite the eurozone madness.



  1. I was listening to Fox Business at the closing bell, and about 5 minutes later they had someone on (nobody I recognized) who was giving his "predictions for 2012".

    He recommended (among other things, like Large Caps) that you buy some gold! Because "the Fed is printing a lot of money, and the Euro guys will be doing that, too"!

    This was not on "The Judge" or with an Austrian economist, just a regular stocks guy like they have on all the time! Maybe someday in the next couple of months, Krugman will catch on, too!

  2. Robert Wenzel, you've had your best quarter, and full year.

    Thank you for giving us your best.

    Man of the Year. Dragon slayer supremo.

    Happy New Year,

  3. I'm with Scarlett!!!!

    HNY, RW!!!

  4. Yeah, I agree. Thanks Mr. Wenzel for acting as my daily paper and helping to open eyes!