Friday, December 30, 2011

Kelly Clarkson Sees Huge Increase in Sales Since Ron Paul Tweet

The Blaze reports:
Pop singer Kelly Clarkson, the first contestant to win “American Idol,” took a lot of heat this week after she sent a message on Twitter saying she supported Ron Paul and would vote for him if he got the GOP nomination. She was skewered for those remarks. But now she may have the last laugh as one site reports sales of one her albums are skyrocketing since the endorsement.
Check out her Amazon web site, where you can listen to samples of her music. She has a great voice.



  1. Good for her. I don't like her music, but I am happy to see anybody do well, especially those who see. Interestingly, I have already seen comments on the web that are saying that Paul bought all of those records, or that Paul supporters are "ballot stuffing" the sales. Sure, right, ok, whatever.

  2. Thirty years ago in Texas, the phrase "getting the Ron Paul bump" was probably just another euphemism for pregnancy.

    Now, it's an entertainment phenomenon.

  3. She is number two on amazon now and sales are up well over 1,000 percent since the RP stuff!

  4. @Joseph Fetz
    There were some people on the Daily Paul saying they were buying multiple copies. It seems a little extreme to me, but if it encourages more people to make their support for Dr. Paul public, I guess it will have been worth it, eh?

  5. Sort of sad that everything has become political, but that is what happens when you have a large, war mongering, interventionist government and the farce called democracy.

  6. She's a good, cute, TALENTED (chick can sing!) woman, and if this makes her popular then good for her!