Thursday, December 29, 2011

Five Occupy Protesters Arrested at Ron Paul's Iowa Headquarters

Five Occupy protesters were arrested Thursday outside the Iowa campaign headquarters of Ron Paul.

The Occupy movement has been harassing all Republican presidential candidates in Iowa.

Occupy spokeswoman Danielle Ryun said more protests, and probably arrests, will come. According to Ryun, the protest at the Paul headquarters was aimed at Dr. Paul's proposal to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency, if elected.

Got that? The protesters are up in arms because Dr. Paul wants to eliminate a bureaucratic, politically charged agency that has no understanding of how private property rights would solve most of the problems the EPA is "policing", for the benefit of crony corporate insiders.

In other words, these occupiers appear as clueless as the youth protesters that Ludwig von Mises described as roaming through Germany before World War I. Wrote Mises:
But the characteristic feature of the youth movement was that they had neither new ideas nor plans. They called their action the youth movement precisely because they lacked any program which they could use to give a name to their endeavors. In fact they espoused entirely the program of their parents. They did not oppose the trend toward government omnipotence and bureaucratization.


  1. What, were they protesting against having their own freedom?

  2. Hilarious. The Occupy protestors know not what they do. I had a lot of sympathy for the Occupiers until I actually saw youtube videos of what they think and say. Not only have they not diagnosed the problem, they don't have any solutions either.

  3. I think Mises nails them perfectly. Our local OWS protestors are almost entirely homeless people and drifters. On Saturday the crowd grows a little and the ones that show up are about as dense as a rock.

  4. Maybe we will see one set of Occupy protesters attempt to occupy another set of Occupy protesters?

  5. "What, were they protesting against having their own freedom?"

    Ha, now that's a good point.

  6. Occupy protesters... Obama's army of useful idiots.