Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bachmann Fires Iowa Political Director Over His Defense of Bachmann Supporter who Jumped to the Ron Paul Camp

Following news that the then Iowa Chairman for U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign for the presidency, Ken Sorenson, had defected to the Ron Paul camp, Bachmann made claims that Sorenson defected for financial reasons.

Both Sorenson and the Ron Paul camp have denied that any monetary payment was made to Sorenson.

The absurdity of the Bachmann claim resulted in Iowa political director for the Bachmann Presidential campaign, Wes Enos, coming to the defense of Sorenson. He issued this statement:
I won’t say much about the situation or the conflicting statements beyond this; I can say unequivocally that Kent Sorenson’s decision was, in no way financially motivated. His decision had more to do with the fact that the Ron Paul supporters have been something of a family to him since he was first elected in 2008 and here in the end, as it becomes more and more apparent that the caucus cycle is coming to an end, Kent believed that he needed to be with them as they stand on the cusp of a potential caucus upset. While I personally disagree with Kent’s decision, and plan to stay with Michele Bachmann because I truly believe in her, I cannot, in good conscious watch a good man like Kent Sorenson be attacked as a ‘sell-out’ ….That is simply not the case, and it was not the basis of his decision.
Following this statement issued by Enos, Bachmann fired Enos.

The sound you hear is the Bachmann campaign disintegrating in mid-air.


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