Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HOT: Ron Paul Walks Out During CNN Interview


Update 1: Ron Paul walked out of a CNN interview earlier today that was conducted by CNN reporter Gloria Borger

Update 2: Video coming.

Update 3: Well, other media outlets like Business Insider are calling it a "walk out" but you decide.:

Update 4: More coming....

Update 5: Well, well, it turns out hit job specialist Gloria Borger is married to Lance Morgan. Morgan is according to the web site of his employer, Powell Tate,"chief communications strategist at Powell Tate in Washington, D.C. He specializes in developing and executing communications strategies for public policy debates, crisis communications and media training."

So who might be the clients of Powell Tate, where Borger's husband is "chief communications strategist and crisis communications" adviser for?

Just about every part of the military industrial-complex that Ron Paul wants to shrink or shutdown. According to the Powell Tate web site, they provide strategic communications for among others:

The U.S. Army

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

The U.S Agency for International Development

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

and, I'm not joking, The National Pork Board.

Bottom line Gloria Borger's husband is as inside Washington DC as you can get.

This was a total hit job, bringing up decades old accusations about a newsletter that everyone agrees was written by others, while Dr. Paul was practicing medicine. Further, as Justin Ramindo has clearly shown , most of the charges were made by people who couldn't have read the newsletters in full context.


  1. So are they going to ask him the same thing again tomorrow? That is their "job" they say.

  2. Does anyone actually care about policy anymore? What is this country coming to, the big name media outlets never focus on anything of value. This is exactly why we need a president like Ron Paul, enough with the games, enough with the he said she said,its time to focus on policy, on liberty, and restoring this country! RON PAUL 2012

  3. Good job in exposing this whore, Wenzel. She and her husband are literally whores for our DC tax dollars.

    I am glad Paul walked away from her. I hope this story about her connections to the DC pork establishment goes viral so we take away all of her credibility. She has to understand that we need to do that as part of our job, right?

  4. Ron Paul on Racism:

  5. Wow. It was interesting to see how the different camera angles revealed just how much make up she was wearing. She looked like Bozo with that full face paint. The side view also showed how much heavier she really is than that angle at the end. Just kind of a random thought about how tv makeup can alter things.

    Great job, Wenzel. I feel sorry for this woman in a way because of how bad her email is about to get slammed by RP supporters.

  6. Looked more like a standard walk out; I was hoping to see some “storming”. I am disappointed.

    Paul has been talking about those newsletters since the 90s, he discussed them with Blitzer in 2008, and he just spoke to CNN yesterday about them. I would be bored with Borger too.

  7. I would have rephrased the headline to this: "Ron Paul Smacks Down CNN Media Whore, Walks Out On Interview"

  8. They just need to provide a counterweight to whatever momentum Ron Paul gets. Wenzel points out the background of the interviewer herself, but I see all of these news networks under the same umbrella. The biggest money comes from the banks and military-industrial complex, Ron Paul threatens both, and they'll use the media as their weapon against him. That's all I see this as.

    I know if I had a printing press and someone wanted to take it away, I'd resort to dirty tricks.

  9. Damn MSM, they keep forcing me to donate to Ron Paul. I've already maxed out my donations to him directly so I'll be donating to RevPac.

  10. Is this seriously an issue CNN? Would you like to see the quote from the head of the NAACP stating that Paul is NOT a racist? The media is going to try to blow this up to be way bigger than it should be. Ron Paul supports individual rights and has claimed that MLK is one of his personal heroes. I honestly can't believe this is even getting mainstream media coverage. RON PAUL 2012


    USA Today joining in on what had to be an orchestrated attack.

  12. 1. I've been hanging around libertarians and reading their literature since 1973 and have never ever seen any evidence of racism among libertarians. Ever.

    2. Back in the 1990s, did Gloria Borger and/or CNN make a big deal about the 500,000 Iraqis who died due to Clinton’s sanctions on Iraq? No, and probably due to a form of racism. Would they have been so silent if it had been 500,000 dead and dying affluent white feminist soccer moms, attorneys and Democrat party strategists along with their kids and husbands? And wouldn’t putting the real death toll (with video) repeatedly on their 24 hour news channel have made a likely difference in reducing the death toll (as if CNN lacks for the time to put on such a story)?

    3. As I have said before, we’ve won the debate. The bad guys have no response and must stoop to this type of behavior because they have nothing else to say.

  13. Ron Paul actually gets nailed on racism:!

  14. I think this was a bad move by Dr. Paul. I know it is annoying, but most of America is just starting to hear about these newsletters. They need answers. The more Paul looks like he is stonewalling or running away from the issue, the more the media will press him. They will smell blood. He needs to muster all of his patience, smile, and assure everyone that he wholeheartedly disagrees with the letters. And remind people that there are maybe 4 sentences out of dozens of letters that were offensive. If he wasn't in the habit of reading each newsletter, he easily could have missed the offensive comments. Paul has had 4 years (or maybe 20) to think of a strategy for dealing with this issue when it arose again. I sure hope he has one, and is ready to now deploy it. But it doesn't look like it to me.

  15. If Archie Bunker were running for president as a libertarian I would vote for him. As a libertarian he would dethrone the presidency so much he would end up back in his burrow “bunker” powerless. And there he can sit in his favorite chair and resume his bitchin’ about all the races and creeds that make up America. He would be the greatest President of all time, a modern day Cincinnatus, and an American hero for the ages…and yet, still a racist.

  16. It's high time Paul just owned up to the letters. They were provocatively worded, but they were saying what everyone who isn't totally blind and dumb knows. The statistical truth is that Black America is falling apart, and pretending it isn't isn't going to help anyone.

  17. I figured the media would be saving this particular card for South Carolina, when the race issue begins to take more meaning. Apparently, the media is beginning to realize Ron Paul 2012 is not the same as was 2008. This is for real.

    This issue is literally Paul's greatest obstacle. I agree that it has no merit, but it plays. He needs to respond well to it.

  18. Shouldn't CNN be cheerleading the next stupid war?

  19. Ron Paul did the right thing on this one. It was an ambush. He's been answering this question and he's answered it well; it needs to be put to rest. He didn't read it, he didn't approve it and and he's disavowed the statements. What more needs to be said?

    The fact is, this is ALL THE DIRT THEY HAVE!!!!!

    This is good news for Ron Paul, by the time South Carolina comes around, this will be a dead issue.

  20. The National Pork Board is my new name for the US Government.
    They are going to batter him with this because they have nothing.

  21. This monkey is stuck somewhere down RP's armor and is trying to bite him.Just show it some candy and it will come right out.Then pull its tall tail and chuck it onto Gingrich's lap so he can have a real zoo.

  22. Clearly it is a hit piece. but how hard hitting? that, is all they have?
    who, of sound mind, would see this and say " i was going to vote for Ron Paul, but now i just can't."? i guess if you lead an upright life for 7+ decades you really don't have to worry about your enemies will attack you with. they have nothing. nothing of substance to smear this man.

    we (Ron Paul supporters), should not worry so much about winning but should devote our energy to emulating this decent man. if there were a hundred thousand copies of him in the 7 billion of us, the world would be a different place.

  23. Shame on you and your husband Gloria Borger!

  24. Totally irrelevant. Ron Paul is the least likely to impose his personal beliefs on Americans. This notion of Anti-big government is the antithesis of state imposed discrimination.

  25. He didn't walk out! The interview was over. He had answered all her questions. Talk about sensationalism.

  26. Go Ron Paul! Why should he take anyone's crap? All the media's been trying to do lately is bring him down. And you know why? because they see that he actually stands a chance. They see that a lot of Americans are waking up and starting to support Ron Paul. He tells things the way they are and that's what's bothering everybody.

  27. As much as I hate to say it, anon 8:50 P.M. is right on the money. Ron Paul screwed the pooch on this one. Not that it would be easy to do the right thing, but he should have stayed in there and just kept taking deep, even breaths.

    It's pretty clear from Ron Paul's face at the beginning of the clip that they'd already pissed him off before the clip started. The first rule of any politics (I've only played corporate politics) is that the guy who loses his cool loses the battle 99% of the time. Ron Paul gave up the metaphoric "high ground" to the media, so now the fight becomes a bit tougher. One real problem, is they have this clip to play over-and-over again.

    What's done is done, but quite frankly I'm somewhat pissed that the campaign didn't have a better response to this issue. They've had years to think about what to do when the newsletters came up. What they're doing ain't the solution. Did they really think that this wasn't going to happen the moment Ron Paul led in the polls? I'm really disappointed, but not giving up by any means.

    Quite frankly, the obvious response is "read the massive body of work I've written and compare it to the newsletter remarks." If you can't tell the difference stylistically, you're an idiot.

    I have to admit, though, that since the campaign doesn't take this obvious approach, I even begin to wonder why. Just claiming it's not important (no matter how true that is) is not going to cut it.

    I have 1000% confidence that Ron Paul is not a racist, and it would be an unbelievable shame to let these idiotic newsletters derail the successes to date.

    Unless there's more in the newsletters that we don't know about, if I were the campaign, I'd post the questionable newsletters in their entirety on the Ron Paul site. I'd explain that I'd fucked up when I returned to my medical practice. I'd explain that my mind was somewhat averse to having a day-to-day involvement in politics, and I lost control over the newsletters published in my name.

    It would help greatly if whomever actually did write this prose stepped forward to admit it (if they're still alive). Ron Paul's denials of knowing who authored the questionable sections smells like intentional ignorance for plausible deniability. It undermines Ron Paul's spotlessly consistant record in open honesty in his public interactions.

  28. @Anon 8:50 - I agree Paul needs a better answer. Hopefully, his team will help with this because they'll keep using it even though it's baseless. I counted 3 other youtubes by CNN alone where they confronted Paul with it.

    I'd like him to tell them to produce one racist quote from 24 yrs in Congress, one quote from his books, one quote from the hundreds of youtubes he's in. No? Next question...

    This is an issue though that hopefully he and his team will work on. He looked defensive even though he was just pissed because they keep bringing it up. They know now that they can push that button and get a reaction.

    It'd be cool if he would ask the reporter who she's really working for. Exposing her conflict of interest to the world would be outstanding.

  29. Where were these guys when GW Obama ran for office after sitting for 20 yrs in the black version of a KKK church?
    Oh, that's right. No where. AWOL Bigtime.

    [Just for the record, Black Liberation Theology teaches that the original sin of America was slavery and the only thing holding black people back is white people.
    Problem: 1. We outlawed slavery after fighting a war over it.
    2. To politicize/racialize (sic) the spiritual condition of man means that there is a political solution to everything. Unfortunately plenty of highlee intelligunt white folks have been mining that totalitarian vein of fools gold for some time. Like ever since the French Enlightenment/Revolution all the way through the Nazees, the Rooshians and Mao See Tung and it hasn't turned out well.
    Evidently Jeremiah Wright and Co. haven't got the memo, but since again, we're talking about racism for the record nothing they can scrape up on Paul can compare to the present incumbent and his sidekick, Mr. Holder.]

    But even if Paul did write them, his record since then has long since overwhelmingly contradicted any incipient and malignant tendencies of "RACISM" (boo, hiss, ten minute hate beginning right now).

  30. I am in awe after witnessing how utterly uninteresting CNN is. Even this 'controversy' that has them all a' titter would put a crack addled ferret into a coma. I did find it a bit shocking that there exists a set of parents who would name a little boy Gloria though.

  31. He should never walk away from these state terrorists in the MSM....It looks bad.

  32. "It'd be cool if he would ask the reporter who she's really working for. Exposing her conflict of interest to the world would be outstanding."

    @anon 2:23 no yo can't attack the journalist personally then they'll will all club together against you.
    All he needs to say is that he should paid much closer attention to what was going out under his name and apologize if anyone picked up one of those old printed newsletters and was offended by it but the context of this is the split between the Kochs and Rothbard and the failure of some libertarians to achieve anything by basing themselves in DC apart from personal attacks. The media aren't that interested in a monty pythonsque Judean peoples front dispute and it will bring the Koch's back into the spotlight in a bad way for lefties to figure out there's another group that's anti Koch too.

  33. I would have asked her how many black friends she has, whether she ever dated a black man and if not why, or why white liberals like her won't move into black ghetto neighborhoods as a first choice to live or donate their substantial wealth to elevate minorities.

  34. Hopefully Paul's making a little list... so when he's POTUS he can accuse these neocons of terrorism and by the powers vested to him by the NDAA, send their reeking asses off to Guantanamo.

  35. You should add another 'Update' that CCN released the final cut of the interview, and in no way does Ron Paul 'Storm Out'.