Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Latest Winter Plan for Occupy Wall Street

Adbusters, the organization that launched 'Occupy Wall Street,' is advising occupiers:
We can accelerate the #OCCUPYHOMES meme by making a concerted push on December 6 and beyond to set up squats in bank-owned, foreclosed homes. In addition, we can facilitate the #OCCUPYMIGRATION of occupiers from hostile to friendly cities. There are, for example, over ninety tents at #OCCUPYBERKELEY even though #OCCUPYOAKLAND's encampment a few miles away has been shut down.

While the corporate-State chases symbolic tents, we can start consolidating and fortifying our outdoor encampments in friendly territory until we are strong enough to resist foreclosure. Meanwhile in cities everywhere, let's quietly set up local indoor Occupy Homes in every neighborhood. Both of these spaces just might become the bases for our Spring Offensive.
This is likely to mean a lot of plotting by those who want to co-opt the movement, and there are many.

The Service Employees International Union, with very close ties to the Obama Administration, has been busing union members from outside Washington D.C. to participate in Occupy protests in the Capitol.

The SEIU is also behind MassUnited, the  groupt known for the "Bobblehead Brown" campaign targeting  Scott Brown of Massachusetts, who Elizabeth Warren is challenging for a Senate seat.

Should be an interesting Spring. Where will the unwashed be directed?

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  1. Once private property rights are obliterated there will be no need for mortgages since no one will desire to hold property which can be taken on a political whim. It will be interesting if the local governments will do what is at the core of their responsibilities and existence, which is to protect private property of its citizens or yield to the mob. There is a huge bias by government towards the protestors on account of their accommodating views of government tyranny.

    Its interesting that a group that is supposedly full of enlightened people would justify doing this, which follows the logical fallacy of two wrongs make a right. This is not peaceful or even lawful protesting. This is the use of mob force and the threat of mob violence to steal someone else's property.