Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Truth About How James Altucher Lost $15 Million Cash and Ended Up Flat Broke

In this week's edition of the Robert Wenzel Show, I interview James Altucher, who explains how he made $15 million cash and how he lost it all.

Find out about his comeback, how much time he spends working on his web site each day, the key to any deal he invests in, what he did when he figured out Facebook was going to be a huge success, and the secret he just learned from billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

It's all on the show.

Note: As promised in the show, here is a link to my review of James' book, The Wall Street Journal Guide to Investing in the Apocalypse.

Here's the direct link to Altcuher Confidential.


  1. Great content, as usual. Improve the audio quality (loose the plate reverb) and you'll double the hits.

    1. John Daubert, Audio EditorFebruary 24, 2013 at 12:03 PM

      Hi Bob English, this is Audio Editor, John Daubert. Thank you for your thoughtful input!

      There was no reverb of any kind "added". Mr. Altucher's cell phone or speaker phone call via Skype was the cause of the false reverb.

      I then edited to lower that false reverb sound as much as possible without affecting too much of Mr. Altucher's voice. Since it was only when Mr. Altucher spoke, (and never after a word or at the end of sentences), there was no way to highlight and "remove" just the false reverb wavs. You should have heard it before the edit I did!

      Do keep an ear out for any future interviews, Bob, as I will welcome your thoughts again.

      Thank you for your time and concern! We appreciate that from you.

      John Daubert
      Audio Editor

  2. All of a sudden I don't feel so bad about my losses...

  3. Bob-
    Matthew David here-
    What a treat! I am a genuine fan of James and his open style and lucid expression. Speaking of our feelings honestly and relaying our experiences as they actually happened (as opposed to how we wish them to be viewed by others) is a WIN/WIN. This is a truth in the study of economics, politics, personal success, and the companion of them all- failure. Without one, you can't get the other.

    I always call BS when I hear a bunch of Yin without any Yang ;)

    Your conversation with James was a pleasure. Thanks again for your hard work-- both of you. The Hive Mind is better for your participation in it- both of your sites are on my RED List (Read Every Day).

  4. Bob,

    I loved the interview. You've made your site part of my 4-5 daily sites I visit.

    One suggestion:

    Please make your podcasts "downloadable". I use a cheap netbook that can't cashe too much and I also like to stop/play the longer podcasts like this one..which can be a problem on battery because the wireless drops out when "sleeping".

    Also, I sent last weeks podcast to my brother bia link and his Iphone and he wanted to download it for similar reasons but couldn't.

    "Downloadable" is user friendly!

  5. It is downloadable, if you know how to find it. Do "view source" on the page and search for mp3. Here's what you'll find:

  6. And if you don't want to do the View Source method mentioned above, you can download it straight from PodBean:

  7. Thank you both on the "downloadable" answer. Obviously I think a simple link would help future listeners, but I appreciate both your efforts!

  8. Kyosagi (Rich Dad Poor Dad) wrote that most wealthy people went broke three times before learning enough to keep it. He is proud of doing it in just two bankruptcies.