Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Hampshire Union-Leader Publisher: "Ron Paul is a Dangerous Man"

Yeah, to the ruling elite.

Politico reports:

“Ron Paul is a dangerous man,”[New Hampshire Union-Leader publisher Joe] McQuaid wrote. “While his domestic libertarian views are quite attractive to some voters fed up with politics as usual, it is Paul’s position on issues of our national security that are truly dangerous.”

“His defenders say they admire Ron Paul’s ‘consistency,’ ” McQuaid continued. “It is true, Paul has been consistently spouting this nonsense. It is about time New Hampshire voters showed him the door.”

Paul adviser Jesse Benton shrugged off the McQuaid editorial, saying Paul “is bound to take a lot of arrows from supporters of the status quo, but he has broad shoulders and will never stop fighting for what is right.”


  1. Calling all Ron #Paul supporters to Converge on New Hampshire for 'Goots on the Ground' Week - January 4th - 10th.

  2. Audit Bureau of Circulations CEO: "No one reads the New Hampshire Union Leader anymore"

    ABC Reports:

    "I can't explain it. It used to be that hardly anyone read the New Hampshire Union Leader. Now it seems no one does."

  3. “Ron Paul is a dangerous man,”[New Hampshire Union-Leader publisher] Joe McQuaid wrote." and he should know, he looks at an infinitely more dangerous one every morning as he shaves...

    How about reporting the news and keeping your inane opinions to yourself - no one cares what you think. Maybe New Hampshire voters should stop buying a rag that is so biased and uninformed and show big Joe the door.

  4. What he fails to realize is that our national insecurity will come from our insane pursuit of national security. If a terrorist never attacks the US on its soil ever again, it still won't prevent the destruction we are going to do to our economy and ourselves all in the name of being safe. Its sad to see so many scared little people embrace the police state.

  5. Yeah, yeah,. This nicest of nice guys is "dangerous". Dangerous only to special interest groups and criminals.

  6. It's true, he is dangerous. I mean, picture yourself as a bank waiting for your taxpayer funded bailout, that you are CLEARLY entitled to, and then Ron Paul comes along. How would you like that?

    Federal Reserve insiders have feelings too, you know.