Thursday, December 22, 2011

Now, Mankiw Attacks Ron Paul

Harvard economics professor and former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush, Greg Mankiw, has come out with his own attack on Ron Paul.

Behind his trademark mild-mannered writing style (read:boring), he really is quite vicious. He quotes from the absurd Wall Street Journal column about Ron Paul's investment portfolio. Mankiw basically quotes from the WSJ piece how "extreme" Ron Paul's portfolio is. Not even in one a sentence mentioning that Ron Paul's portfolio is likely the best performing portfolio ever among all Congressmen.


  1. Also, in the hedge fund space the top 80-85th percentile (if not 90th percentile)

  2. The idiot Mankiw that said he doesn't have the time to read Human Action is attacking Ron Paul? He is too inept to do so.

  3. When Ron Paul ignores standard advice about a diversified portfolio (read: at least 95% stock/bond index funds), he's attacked.

    When Warren Buffet ignores the same advice, and concentrates his investments to highly-leveraged, TBTF companies...and then lobbies for every bailout under the sun...he's praised for being a genius.

    Double-standards, I say.

  4. Do any of these guys ever consider the fact that it is Ron Paul's money to do whatever he wishes? Was he flipping houses a few years back? No. Was he rigging the system to his economic advantage like so many of his fellow congressmen have recently been caught doing?

    A mere month ago, 60 Minutes did a report on this practice, and the WSJ assclown has the gall to call Paul's portfolio extreme? Extreme in what way? Extreme disregard for common decency and ethical behavior was obviously not the criteria here.

  5. Understand that they (PTB) are scared sh*tless that Dr. Paul is going to win and be the next President. All of the cockroaches are going to come out of the woodwork and do their best (worst) to discredit him any way they can.

    The funny thing is, that as soon as they open their mouths and spout this stuff, they label themselves for the scumbags they really are, and they are baffled by the fact that each attack only makes his support stronger. No one can successfully attack the TRUTH - it just is...

    The people are about to speak, and these toadies do not want to hear it. Their world is coming to an end, and they are irrelevant in what will replace it. I mean really, does anyone honestly care what the Wall Street Journal has to say? About anything???

    I, am Spartacus