Friday, December 23, 2011

Rockefeller, James Altucher, Lew Rockwell, Constipation and Head Transplants

James Altucher tells us that he recently was cured of his constipation, after 40 years. His wife after grueling months of suffering with Lyme disease was cured by the same person that cured James.

Altucher explains what went down (and why head transplants are coming) here.

Once you read Altucher's story, the thought that will pop into your mind is the same that popped into Altucher's:
I wish there would be a more holistic approach and not just a knee-jerk reaction to ignore everything that is not FDA approved.
Which is why you then need to read a column by Lew Rockwell. In the Rockwell column, you will learn how Rockefeller interests maneuvered the medical industry, via the AMA, so that medicine in the United States has become nothing but a cartel run by the AMA. Read Lew's piece here.

If competition in the medical industry were allowed to flourish, as opposed to being controlled by the medical establishment, Altucher's constipation would likely have been cured decades ago, in addition to cures for ailments we may have. Now, it's all about FDA approved drugs, which is, of course, an agency bought and paid for by Big Pharma. Synthetic drugs and procedures may be important to cure some health issues, but if they were superior in all cases, what's up with Big Pharma fearing the competition of alternative treatments?

The medical establishment, bottom line, has created a cartel preventing competition, and thus impacting our standard of living in a sector that really impacts our quality of life, our health.

It's time the entire medical establishment-government cartel be broken up, for our health's sake.


  1. They want us sickened as much possible because, one, we're the enemy, and two, it further enriches them whilst further making the rest of us poor.

    Bring on Obamacare!

  2. They will be able to clone you (without the conscious brain cause it would be considered murder otherwise) and rapid-grow the body to 20 years and then transplant your head to it. It is your own cloned body aged 20 years. It should be perfected within 15 years or so. Biological immortality...The end of death of the conscious mind. I bet it will scare people...the thought of living forever will be repulsive to most especially people who hate life and many religious people will scream that we shouldn't be playing God....

  3. Sick people are easier to control.
    It is no wonder that the commie chinese only allowed one western product under Mao...Coca Cola - Yup, that evil caffeine and sugar bomb that has destroyed the minds and bodies of millions of people.

  4. Religious people will never understand:

    Consciousness IS God.

    There are really only two things in the entire universe. mass/energy and consciousness.

    Oh, three things - Paul Krugman. He is God.

  5. All you 50-somethings, you better start moisturizing your face or your head is going to look silly on your new cloned body!

  6. Somewhat related to Lew's piece and closely related to the cartelization of medicine...

    How Government Solved the Health Care Crisis and a 1910 NY Times editorial railing against inexpensive medical care as "depriving a large number of worthy and capable practitioners of the fruits of dilligence".

  7. Krugman is God's God.
    Even the Nobel Committee knows that.