Friday, December 23, 2011

The Insider DC Attack on Ron Paul Continues

David Rothkopf tweets:
Face it, Ron Paul is candidate of conspiracy theorists, squirrel hunters, Trekkies, and others still living with Mom.

So who is David Rothkopf?

He is Washington D.C.-based (surprise)author of Power, Inc., Superclass, Running the World, blogger for Foreign Policy, visiting scholar at Carnegie Endowment.

This is what he thinks of the city he lives in:
I live in Washington where lying is an art form. Actually, that suggests an artist's intent and here in D.C., lying is more reflexive, like breathing or taking cash from fat cats.

But when you live in a place like this -- if you can call it living -- where somehow we have managed to train moral mice to produce the shit of bulls, you really get an appreciation for a fine lie.
And this guy has a problem with the anti-Washington D.C. Ron Paul, who refuses to play the D.C. game?  What can we possibly call Rothkopf other than a self-hating Beltway insider, who fears the mirror that Ron Paul holds up to his face?


  1. I was thinking inveterate douche-nozzle but self-hating Beltway insider works, too...

    Go RP, 2012 and Beyond

  2. "would-have-opposed-civil-rights-act-1964"
    We are sooo sick of that act.
    Why, you might ask?
    Because the underhanded, back-stabbing, subtle discrimination is rather insidious in the various public environments where we encounter the bigots of today.
    It would be far far preferable if businesses and individuals were up front about it so we could know their ugly position beforehand and avoid them altogether.
    Bad service is one thing, but I'll tell you all, bad service due to secreted underlying bigoted thoughts in some People is way worse. A Person usually cannot know the reason for bad service and such, but sometimes it's obvious. And it's all made possible by this terrible act. I suppose they call that, unintended consequences?

  3. They can attack the man all they want, most intelligent people will ignore their insipid rancor. What they forget is the massive sea change of ideas currently gaining acceptance in the eyes of the American public, which is a direct result of Ron Paul's work. So, even if they are successful in preventing Ron Paul's campaign from winning the primaries (and beyond), they still will have lost.

  4. Nice, but the award for the hit-piece of the day goes to Dorothy Rabinowitz from the Wall Street Journal's editorial board:

    "What Ron Paul Thinks of America - It seemed improbable that the best-known American propagandist for our enemies could be near the top of the pack in the Iowa contest, but there it is"

  5. Yep, my first thought was "self loathing loser". BTW, I am none of those things he describes (NTTAWT). The tweeter, twitterer, or twit, has a fever for more statism and can't help himself.

  6. Just another piglet at the the National Pork Board.

  7. The rats are terrified and coming out of the woodwork! Thank God for sites like this on the internet that can help beat back the lies. Here is another good article that really exposes the hypocrisy of the National Review type neo-cons:

  8. 1. Statists and “progressives” are congenitally unable to differentiate free market activity from state activity. To the dunderheaded statist, Jim Crow laws and crony capitalism are nothing more that what happened under “laissez faire”. If market racism had been effective in enforcing discrimination then what was the purpose of the Jim Crow laws in the first place? Why ban interracial pool by law unless you know of people actually “race mixing” by playing pool together? Like the proverbial “lack of aggregate demand”, market racism is a problem that does not exist. Therefore, it does not need fixing by statist intrusions which have the primary effect of weakening the protections of private property, especially for the poor and underclass.

    2. Robin Williams was apparently the original source for the Ron Paul newsletters on the second to last Carson show back in 1992 (ht2 Tom Woods):

  9. The neo-con Newsmax too is on the alert about that racist Ron Paul who warned "'Race War' Coming" in 1993:

    The letter seems remarkably prescient for 1993. In fact, it sounds like Gerald Celente this week. I think it’s good that the statists want to have the fight about these issues. It is their policies that have killed and impoverished the poor and minorities for decades. Bring it.

  10. Can you feel the sea change? The winds of discontent blowing across America? The waking giant that is rising up to take back it's birthright of freedom? It is a mighty thing to behold as it strikes fear into all that attempt to oppose it.

    "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." Gandhi

    I, am Spartacus

  11. Are they now "fighting us"?
    The comic-book-collecting psychopath Obama is going to start throwing freedom-minded people in cages soon. I guess we are not quite at the fighting stage.

  12. Exactly what they did with Ron Paul. First they ignored him, now they are laughing at and mocking him, soon they are going to start a war with all of us who don't want to be their slaves.

  13. Hmmm. Well I agree! We're a bunch of good-for-nothin losers that just can't get it through our thick skulls that our betters in DC are just that -- better than us!

    "Take what's mine, then tell me how I can use what you let me keep! And if I don't do as you say, punish me! Please!"

    To think otherwise.. Well, that's just kooky, don't you see.

    It's an open secret these days that Ron Paul's got this thing in the bag. Everybody knows it, even this Rothkopf guy.