Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ron Paul and Black Folk

An African-American friend, who is a straight-shooter herself and has had her entanglements with the elite of the elite, emails me and says:

Obama better look out.
Lots of folks - including black folks - think like TMOT.
They are sick and tired of all the BULLSHIT and lies.
Ron Paul appeals to them b/c he is a straight shooter.


  1. This is not surprising.

    #1 Ron Paul IS a straight-shooter, and

    #2 I was never personally under the impression or illusion that people of a different skin-color than mine wanted anything different, generally speaking, out of life than I do.

  2. Ron Paul is the only candidate in either party who is actually a straight shooter. Romney is utterly disgusting in this area. Never have I seen a politician who was more willing to say what people wanted to hear than Romney. Let's hope RP wins Iowa!!

  3. Off topic a bit, but has anyone seen this wowzer!?

  4. @alt,

    Unless I misunderstand the new GOP rules and the ability to opt for a "brokered convention", a win in Iowa (and all the other states as well) can be made a moot issue with relative ease.

    I mean, even if a Republican candidate has 99% of the delegates, if the powers-that-be don't like him/her, those delegates don't necessarily mean jack.

    I wonder how the campaign plans on dealing with it. Alot of people are going to do alot of work, spend alot of money and exert alot of energy over the next several months and it can be taken all away and no one has to give anyone a reason why other than "Because we want to".

    Then what?

  5. "Ron Paul is the only candidate in either party who is actually a straight shooter."

    yup. Which is why I utterly cannot figure out why anyone votes for these other criminals. I wonder if some of these people can actually read or write. Or think even. Geez people, it isn't THAT difficult!

  6. At some point -- after the Jan./Feb. primaries? -- should Ron Paul go speak before the Nation of Islam? He and Farrakhan have much in common: high school track stars, End the Fed, end the drug war, end the wars of aggression, implement an 'America First and Only' foreign policy, and cultural restraint and economic self-sufficiency.

  7. Ron Paul absolutely should go and give a speech to the Nation of Islam. Minister Farrakhan has favorably commented on Ron Paul in the past.

    Ron Paul gives speeches to anyone that will listen to his message. Like Jesus, just because he talks to someone doesn't mean he endorses their ideas, rather he wants that someone to endorse his ideas.

  8. The Revolution Pac just released the greatest ad ever on this issue:

  9. RW, check out this new ron paul ad. in one stroke it dispels the myths of racism. please spread it far and wide. makes you wish all political ads were this pleasant and uplifting:

  10. I love this guy (TMOT)... stumbled across him the other day and spent at least an hour watching his videos. He has a lot of good stuff up on youtube, a diehard Paul supporter and very entertaining, check him out!