Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ron Paul Makes a Huge Statement on The Tonight Show

By Kevin Kervick

Congressman Ron Paul appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. Paul received a standing ovation when he entered the room and continuous cheers from the supportive audience during the three segments allotted to him by Leno. The appearance came at a time when Congressman Paul is under serious coordinated attack from Conservative Establishment talking heads on talk radio and other mediums because of his non-interventionist foreign policy beliefs.

Unlike other sound bite news interviews on the major networks, in this appearance Paul had sufficient time to express his libertarian views to a large mainstream audience. This conversation was largely an educational opportunity for Congressman Paul to promote his brand of liberty, but he also made some major news during the interview. When asked about his rivals in the Presidential race...

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  1. I love Ron Paul's ideals and ideas and will happily vote for him in our primary, but this is where he seems to NOT get it at all. Bachmann, who I will not vote for in any situation, most likely doesn't hate Muslims at all. I would guess she hates Islamists, though. I don't know if Paul honestly believes what he said, or is just throwing some red meat to his jew hating supporters, who thankfully make up a very small percentage of his fans. Either way, it was a sophomoric thing to say and in no way reflects well upon him. You can disagree with someone's foreign policy without attacking that person. Paul, of all people, should know well and respect that idea.

  2. If you listened close, he didn't use the word "hate." He said said she doesn't like them.