Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Scam of Contrived Neutrality and Objective Expertise

by Glenn Greenwald
The fact-checking site PolitiFact serves a valuable purpose when it actually performs its stated function: to “help you find the truth in American politics” by “fact-check[√≠ng] statements” from political and media figures. But it undermines its own credibility when it purports to resolve subjective disputes of political opinion under the guise of objective expertise. That’s precisely what it did yesterday in this incredibly sloppy and often factually false analysis of Ron Paul’s condemnation of the new AUMF and detention authorities embedded in the pending Levin/McCain bill. What matters here more than PolitiFact‘s obvious, specific errors is the reason they were led to such error: namely, reliance on supposedly neutral, ideology-free “experts” who are anything but that.
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  1. PolitiFact has no credibility. Almost all of their false or worse ratings for Paul are factually wrong. I sent them a couple emails with corrections and never heard back. For example, they rate Paul's statement that "the country is bankrupt" as false because basically the government can just print more money... Idiots.