Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Soaring Ron Paul Google Trend

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Above is the latest chart from Google on those searching for "Ron Paul". Of note, there are more people searching for Ron Paul in New Hampshire than even Iowa. Below is Google's top ten states breakdown

1.New Hampshire, United States
2.Iowa, United States
3.Oklahoma, United States
4.Nevada, United States
5.Louisiana, United States
6.Utah, United States
7.Kansas, United States
8.Indiana, United States
9.Nebraska, United States
10.Oregon, United States


  1. This is fantastic, the best place to get info on Paul is the Internet. Even when you come across a smear, often the comments are full of Ron Paul supporters correcting every single point and highlighting why people really should support Ron Paul.

    Yay for the Internet!!

  2. When you compare Ron Paul to other candidates like Mitt Romney, by separating the two terms with commas (i.e. entering "Ron Paul, Mitt Romney") Ron Paul probably has at least five times the amount of popularity on google trends. Ron Paul probably has roughly the same amount of searches as all other candidates combined. This further supports my theory that supporters of the other candidates are illiterate, uninformed idiots.

    - Daniel

  3. Good, that's the best way to learn the truth about Paul.