Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Soros Makes a Move to Control Global Police Forces

This is off the charts. It looks like billionaire George Soros is getting serious about controlling current global turmoil. It appears he is getting ready to influence, if not control, global police forces. NYT reports:
On Wednesday, George Soros, the billionaire investor, is expected to name Christopher Stone, a well-known expert on criminal justice, the new leader of his unconventional philanthropic empire.

Mr. Stone, a professor at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, will fully take the helm in July of the Open Society Foundations, a sprawling constellation of more than 30 organizations that operate in places as diverse as Baltimore, Jakarta, the Kremlin and Congress.
Just what does "expert on criminal justice" mean? Get a load of this, from NYT (my emphasis):
Mr. Stone built National Defender while at the Vera Institute for Justice, a nonprofit group that works to improve justice systems, where he eventually rose to become chief executive for 10 years. He expanded Vera’s international programs, working with national governments in South Africa, Russia and Chile and developing a reputation as an expert on the professionalization of police forces.

Police chiefs will confide in him, and at the same time, he can convene meetings of people from the grass-roots civil-rights community and command the same kind of respect,” said Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general for civil rights in the Justice Department and an old friend.
Yikes. How much does Soros spend on his hobby of trying to control the world? NYT provides an answer:
Mr. Soros has never endowed his collection of foundations, but he often gives away enough money in a year to make Open Society the most generous philanthropy in the country after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This year, for example, it is on track to give away about $860 million.


  1. Personal army being formed. From his perspective it makes sense. From the rest of us -- sit tight as the ride is going to get a bit uncomfortable.

  2. The terrorist steals from the taxpayer and then spends the loot on violence against civilized humans. Soros is by FAR worse than Osama bin Laden ever was.

  3. Looks like he is becoming James Bond's "Goldfinger"?

  4. What does this mean?
    The average person's thinking does not compute in this mode. He/She will make nothing of this and sadly it will not, initially, even make them uncomfortable. But WE SHALL SEE and shortly--------don't you think??????

  5. Some of his critics detract George Soros as a Jewish philanthropist, intent upon proving the old antisemitic lie, that Jewish bankers control the world.

    But George Soros hardly maintains a Jewish philosophy, nor does he act kindly, as would a normal good deed doing Jewish person --- although he was certainly Jewish at birth. He boldly and ceaselessly shames his people, a course of action that began during his teen years in Hungary during the Nazi occupation.

    Soros' father paid off S.S. officials in Hungary to employ his son as an aide, and thereby save his life.

    Much more recently, George Soros described that time to 60 Minutes --- that is, the period during which he showed Nazi officers the homes and business properties to confiscate --- as "the happiest time of my life."

    See it yourself, here:

    I do not know if Soros is worse than Osama bin Laden; but he is certainly as bad, and has equally evil intentions, hoping as he does for a universal, global government/state. And let it be widely reported that his evil Open Society empire offered enormous support, financial and otherwise, to the Obama campaign, and will do so again in 2012.

    Regardless who Republicans nominate to contend for the White House --- personally I vastly prefer Newt Gingrich --- I encourage one and all to CAMPAIGN AND VOTE for that Republican! Let's BEAT SOROS once and for all!

  6. A little political bias showing in this article? We all know the right wing hates Soros because he is a wealthy man that supports liberal causes.
    From the article it sounds like the right fears his work to improve justice systems around the world.

    The right wing certainly doesn't want to see professionalization in police forces. They like it the old fashioned way where you can pay someone off to get your way. The supreme court ruling that eliminated the requirement that someone needed to take responsibility for political ads is just another stake in the heart of responsible politics.

  7. Soros learned the facist way while looting his fellow Jews as they were sent to the cattle cars and eventual death. The man is pure evil.

  8. Nobody who works for a living must pay federal taxes on the funds he/she gets paid for his/her labor. The only thing that is TAXABLE is the PROFIT gained from INVESTING those paycheck funds from his/her labor into a federal approved investment. If that investment produces a gain (a profit)that GAIN is the only thing that is subject to a federal tax.
    1978: Central Illinois Public Service Co. v. United Ststes, 435 U.S.
    Establiched that wages and income are NOT equivalent as far as taxes on income are concerned.
    "There is a clear distinction between profit and wages, or a compensation for labor. Compensation for labor cannot be regarded as profit within the meaning of the law. The word 'profit' as ordinarily used, means the GAIN made upon any business or investment - a different thing altogether from mere compensation for labor."
    Oliver v. Halstead, 86 S.E. Rep 2nd 85e9 (1955)
    "Congress has taxed INCOME, not compensation."
    Conner v US 303 F Supp. 1187 (1969)
    Oliver v. Halsted, 86 SE Rep. 2nd 85e9 (1955)
    The Supreme Court ruled that wages and compensation for personal services were not to be taxed in their entirety, but instead, the gain or profit derived INDIRECTLY from them.
    1930 Lucas v. Earl, 281 U.S. 111.

  9. Folks need to find his as many of his crimes as possible arrest him redistribute his wealth between all countrys he has swindles it from ! Lower his standerds in life to reality!This man needs to be in mental health lock up facility ASAP ! His money doe not mean any thing if the goverments do thier jobs and take it back. conspiracy and frauds are just a beginning !

  10. AMERICA PLEASE WAKE UP!!!..There is a international cabal determined to destroy USA.This
    evil man GEORGE SOROS...its the one we need to be
    aware of. He has an agenda, his dream of a new world government.This is just a form of tyranny.Just remember who his teachers were..NAZIS

  11. How old is the SOB??? He has to die off soon--right?? Let's just hope it's sooner than later & he doesn't get ALL of his liberal-social & communistic -programs & policies in place beforehand!! He could be doing so much w/ his wealth to fruitfully HELP mankind & instead he obviously wants to "control" it. Better hurry Geo.---- "Father Time"-- is knocking on your back door & there's no where to hide!!!........

  12. Every man that wants to control every thing always loses, but he destroys the lives of many in his quest.So shall his future in hell be ordained.

  13. Are these comments paid for or are the majority written by the mentally deficient. The same people that complain about the world; how it's always 'someone else's' fault and not theirs, yet do nothing about it.


    Your conscious.

  14. Soros is right in fighting fascist, unconscionable treatment of human beings with his Open Society. Would that there were more like him, so our world could have less conflict and killing. He has told of and demonstrated his turn-around years ago from his early Nazi-aiding activity, and is making up for it with his current generous, humanitarian work. I applaud and admire him, and pay no attention to the ignorant right-wing blasphemy of his intentions and decisions.

  15. You guys dont know jack about what the Open Society stands for - Soros has been a God in Eastern Europe... The Open Society is not anti civilisation - its PRO-it!

  16. I honestly don't see how you get out of this that Soros will create his polce force to control the world.
    Yes he is part of the Jewish agenda. He's the type who likes to accuse anti-communists like Ukrainians of being "Nazis".
    Trying to figure out which group is what at the moment is not easy. Will the NWO be controlled by Jews or by the Catholics, etc etc?

  17. Do you really think it's philanthropy when he's only engages in buying power? The people who think this is "pro-civilization" are truly delusional. He has NOT recanted his statement that working for the Nazis was "the happiest time of my life." He ENJOYED ratting out Jewish victims for fascists. He does NOT "fight fascism." He's its face.

    And his son will simply continue the empire building. He's been well indoctrinated by a master.

    And as for the last comment from an anonymous anti-Semite, stick it. Soros is effectively NOT Jewish. He hates Israel, he loves Hamas and Hezbollah, and he is EVIL. Don't blame Jewish victims for Soros' life-long hatred of humanity, for himself and his own people. He is a power-hungry madman, pure and simple evil.

    One World Government would be the incarnation of the Nazi and Communist dreams, alike. Not to mention the beginning of a successor empire, a supremacist Islamic caliphate, aka empire.

  18. Oh.I had to put on my old "they're out to get us" goggles to catch the connotations. To which I say, "And?" The elites have been putting apparatus in place to quell the hot button websites and people should unrest get too chaotic for awhile now. Having this guy in this spot gives him lots of exposure. Doesn't mean he or Soros wants to enslave humanity, but I wouldn't go outdoors thinking we're going to have the same unmolested civil rights and freedoms we did 20 years ago.

  19. Was George prosecuted for war crimes, yet?

  20. Is this what Obama Meant when he said , " We Need a Civilian Police Force thats Just as powerful , just as strong , just as well funded " ?

  21. If George Soros is such a good person why doesn't he go back to England? I bet he will be warmly welcomed there.

  22. Whom do you think paid to elect someone with no experience to the oval office.