Friday, December 16, 2011

They Love Ron Paul in Europe

Iris Mack sends along this email:

Ron Paul has folks rooting for him all around the world 
Below is an email exchange from a French banker who lives in London.
We were colleagues on the derivatives desk at French Banque BNP Paribas in London.
i so hope ron paul wins the elections.

he's much better than all of them put together.

mark my words Iris:

should Ron Paul win the elections I may consider moving back to the States

Grosses bises


  1. I can add that there are small groups of hardcore Ron Paul fans among younger people here in Sweden as well. People generally consider us extremists. It becomes hilarious when we occasionally get into a debate with some of the political spectrum regulars, and the look on their faces when they hear real arguments for liberty for the first time.

    It's contagious, this freedom thing, and Ron Paul is a man who may go down in history as something much larger than people appreciate currently.

    Should he win - I mean jesus. The outlook for much of the planet might change.

  2. I could take this much more seriously if they weren't so completely in love with Obama in the last presidential election.

  3. I am a little torn in my assessment of your blog. I am a European Ron Paul supporter, which explains why I agree with you on a host of issues. Yet, there is, at times at least, a tabloid quality to your posts, which does not appeal to me. I first noticed this deficiency when the accident at Fukushima had just happened. While I was trying to get honest information on the event from the internet (as opposed to the outright hysterical misrepresentations provided by the MSM, you kept jumping on news suggesting a terrible nuclear catastrophe was in the offing.

    Today, you create the impression Ron Paul were a known quantity in Europe, almost as if the media in the States ignore him but in Europe everybody loves him (of course, you are not expressly making that claim).

    Be this as it may, unfortunately, Ron Paul is totally unknown here except to a few of his followers, like you and I ( - actually, I have participated in support groups over here during the 2008 campaign).

    Yes, they love Ron Paul in Europe - the select very, very, very few.

    Maybe I am being too harsh on you - in which case forgive me.

    G.T., Germany

  4. we are soon 350 people in the Norwegians for ron paul group on facebook. there is lively debate and fierce support for ron in all articles regarding US elections in norwegian newspapers (that they dont mention Ron doesnt stop us).

  5. It is very heartening to me, in the USA, to hear of Ron Paul support around the world. It gives me hope that we may not be heading into (continuing...?) another dark age.

  6. Ron Paul is immensely popular with young people in Canada. I probably know seven or eight people who are ardent supporters, and totally new to the Austrian school. Support has grown exponentially in the past year.

  7. Recently I was talking to a German who was here for a brief stay. In the middle of a conversation about non political subjects, she said "You guys have this one really cool politicians. He's really old, but he's so great, his name is Ron Paul. Have you heard of him?"

    Next Englishman I meet I'm going to ask them about Nigel Farage, Steve Baker, and Doug Carswell.

    There's gotta be one or two in every country, right? Can anyone name any others?

  8. The scum gags at Fox do not share the same sentiments.

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Friday, December 16, 2011

    The Iowa primary is widely acknowledged as a hugely influential indication of who the eventual victor will be in the Republican race. Two of the last three winners have gone on to become the successful nominee. But according to Fox News pundit Chris Wallace, if Ron Paul wins on January 3rd – it doesn’t count.

    Losers in the MSM.

  9. Anon -

    Yes, Ron Paul is (relatively) little known this side of the Atlantic (I'm English), but he's hardly less known than the rest of the GOP candidates. In fact I've noticed a growing awareness of him and his message in the last few months in the British press. He has been saying the same things for decades but only now are they beginning to discover him.

    I suspect it's partly a blog driven awareness which journalists pick up on.

  10. Mark my words

    If Paul wins the election, I will reconsider leaving the states.

  11. Meanwhile, the Money Bomb is on today and it needs some help. Like RIGHT NOW!!
    C'mon, cough up some bucks. We're all probably a little light in the wallet right now but this is literally life or death. (For Millions!!!)
    I just donated more than I can afford. Just kick in what you can. Ol' Ron gets like, NO corporate, labor, or gummint money. It's just us regular folks.
    Sorry, Robert, if this is contrary to your site guidelines.

  12. I can only repeat what V. said: thre is a small but strong Ron Paul support in Norway. It is slowly getting bigger, and me myself has already recruited a few new supporters myself. As people say: once you get to learn about Ron Paul, it's addictive. :)

  13. @G.T. - It goes both ways. I'm an American in Missouri, literally the middle of the country.

    I enjoy Nigel Farage of the EU parliament:

    as well as Daniel Hannan in Great Britain's:

    The people who want the truth seek it out and can find it in many places.

  14. anon 7:14,

    If he wins, you're going to have to go and fight Iran single-handedly huh?