Monday, December 12, 2011

What Ron Paul Keeps Next to His Congressional Voting Card

Years ago, Ron Paul says, a congressional colleague slipped a laminated piece of paper into his hand. It was a passage from Elie Wiesel's 1970 book, "One Generation After," reports AP.

In it, a child asks the one "Just Man" why he walks the streets of Sodom railing against wickedness, when he knows it is hopeless. The man replies: "if I continue my protest, at least I will prevent others from changing me."

Paul can't recall who gave him the quote. But he still has it, tucked away with his House voting card, says Associated Press.

The AP report also tells us, that during a news conference at the Greenville airport:
Paul – looking, as always, slightly rumpled in his workaday suit and sensible shoes – laughs when asked if throwing thousands of federal employees out of work in the current down economy is a good idea.

"Let `em go to work at McDonald's," he says, his brown eyes twinkling impishly beneath untamed eyebrows. "They should have a REAL job. Bureaucrats don't create wealth. They interfere with wealth production."


  1. voodoo trickledown free market supply sidee economics have been proven wrong over the last 10 years of bush.

    Firing over 200,000 people will be a disaster and ruin our economy for good. These people do create wealth because they go and buy things, they are consumers just like the rest of us and pay sales tax on the things they buy just like the rest of us. We are a consumer based economy and the more money the government gives us to consumer the more demand to produce.

    This is economics 101. A course ron paul and his son ayn rand paul have never took.

  2. 1. We didn't have trickledown free market supply side economics under Bush, we haven't have it in years. What we had/have is corporatism.

    2. If these 200,000 people create wealth with all that spending, then I have a jobs plan just for you. Take all the unemployed and cut them in half. First half digs holes, the second fills them. We pay them a salary and boom our economy is in the clear.

    YOU clearly haven't taken economics 101 as one of the first things you learn is that wealth creation comes from taking a resource and increasing it's wealth, something government has almost never done.

  3. Of course, Anonymous. How stupid of us.

    Buying things = creating wealth. Spoken like a true Krugmanite.

    I would doubt most of these parasites are capable of getting a job at McDonald's.

    As for the money they spend, the rest of us actually had to work to earn that before it was stolen from us to give to the government "employees".

    But, if you don't like the idea of firing them, we'd still be better off if you continued to pay them and just told 200,000 bureaucrats to stay home and leave us alone.

  4. Buying things does not create wealth. If I print conterfeit money and "buy things," no wealth was created from that. That's because no useful service was provided to others in obtaining the money I used.

    Same as any 'job' that people will not willingly pay for. Just because you're doing something, doesn't mean you're doing something productive.

  5. Consumption does not grown an economy, investment does (THAT is econ 101) ... sales tax simply takes money out of productive hands and puts it into complete waste

    His son's name is Randal Paul ... has nothing to do with Ayn Rand. Ron Paul is not a Randian (objectivist).

  6. Friends should not let friends "post" retarded comments.

  7. @Anon 7:35

    Welcome to EPJ. I hope you find the time to read the many fine blogs on this great website of Austrian Economics as applied to political reality. This is where one goes to learn political economy 101. Enjoy! Yes, Ron and Rand did not learn from economics 101 because nobody who takes a typical college course on this topic learns anything about economics. As a graduate of University of Wisconsin I would gladly exchange my Pol Sci degree with a 1 Gigabyte flash drive of free down loadable books from the main source of online books of Austrian Economics. I suggest you do the same.

  8. @ anonymous 7:35pm.
    Aside from the fact that we haven't had such an economic system, Ron Paul doesn't subscribe to supply-side economics anyway.

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  10. LOL @ "trickle down free market economics" :-)

  11. "LA Liberty said...
    @ anonymous 7:35pm.
    Aside from the fact that we haven't had such an economic system, Ron Paul doesn't subscribe to supply-side economics anyway.

    Yup. If that idiot had taken two minutes to find out anything about Ron Paul he wouldn't have made himself look so stupid by spouting such ignorance.

  12. Did millions of men conscripted into the armed forces create much wealth between 1941-1945? Strange then that there was rationing, shortages and price and wage controls. Yet in 1946, after those millions left the "public" sector and returned home to work, the United States had the single greatest year of growth in its history.

    But who am I kidding? Far better to have hundreds of thousands of drones "spending" money that's already been leeched from the private sector. That'll grow the economy...

  13. That is such a perfect quote for Ron and explains exactly what he has done for the last three decades!

  14. @ anon 2:04

    Yes, thats exactly right. The war spending of the early 40's is what created jobs and put money into the hands of consumers to create prosperity once again. The econonic 'stimulus' in the form of war spending is what brought us out of the depression. Every economist and historian agrees on this, except for those of course that revise history to suit their own agenda of a free market to benefit the super wealthy.

  15. So now your saying its in the best interest of the American economy for the government to go around and start wars in order to ensure economic growth. I disagree, it is because we have continued our occupation of other countries, see CIA reports, that our economy has taken such a heavy downturn. After 9/11 our economy took a nose dive, and if you believe the CIA reports this happened because of our effort to engage in provocative militaristic activities around the world. And what about the quantitative easing, has that really helped at all ?

  16. Anon at 8:11 AM, you would have a point if the stimulus actually did anything, but it didn't. The poster that you failed miserably to agree with said that the prosperity came after the war ended thanks to the soldiers/sailors/airmen coming back to work for the private sector.



  18. I have found Robert Higgs' work on the myth of WW2 lifting us out of the depression quite instructive.

  19. The stimulus saved or created millions of jobs. Therefor yes, it worked. Also, we have seen much improvement in our economy because of it and it prevented another great depression from happening. We would, however, have seen much faster improvement in the economy if it wasnt for the obstructionist republicans in congress doing everything they can to prevent the economy from improving.

    Almost every economist agrees with this, and most agree the stimulus wasnt big enough and we need a second stimulus to get money in the hands of consumers to jump start the economy.

    Also, we need to tax the rich, its time they payed their fair share. We need to get back the money and homes theyve stolen under the free market voodoo economics of the last 10 years of bush.

    We dont have a spending problem we have a revenue problem. This is economics 101, if you raise taxes and increase revenue you can spend more and decrease the debt. Its simple math.

  20. @ Anon 12:48

    Perfect satire! You should title it "A modest proposal for economic reform".

  21. It is not going to be easy to transition millions of people who are used to eating well at the Federal trough into the cold, hard private sector where you actually have to pull your own weight. If he wins, Ron will have his work cut out for him.

  22. Wow! Anonymous@7:35 PM on the 12th is really showing what a prodigious intellect he has yet again!

    Not only is he an economist of the highest order, he's also well versed in English composition.

    Love the grammar, puncuation, capitalization, spelling....again.

    He's the same troll that was here about a week or so ago fawning over Newt, I believe. Or, maybe it was Cain before he took a hiatus....

    Either way, he likes visiting Tom Woods' blog to educate the unwashed masses there also.

  23. Rudd-O@11:15 PM,

    Loved the Venn diagrams on your blog.....they'll be useful to me.


  24. why are people always so certain of their economic views, and always so vituperative towards others ?
    Is anyone really so wise that they understand the economy ?
    would it kill people to show a little politeness towards others, even those you disagree with toward those who express themselves poorly, or with agression ?