Wednesday, January 4, 2012

As Expected, David Gregory of 'Meet the Press' Calls It a Two Person Race

Between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. This despite the fact that the Santorum "surge" occurred before anyone has had a chance to take a look at him. Friends who know Santorum tell me that once the stories come out on this guy, he will flame out. He will get the evangelical vote, but that will be all.

Here's Gregory. He is forced to mention Ron Paul in the start of the clip, but then throws him down the memory hole and calls it a Romney-Santorum race.

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  1. MSM are a bunch of idiots. McCain came back just 4 years ago from a 4th place finish in Iowa. Santorum's not even really in the race. Paul, Newt, and Perry are all still legitimately in the race against Romney, but Santorum is not.

  2. Gregory is a tool. Vote Ron Paul!!