Monday, January 9, 2012

Geithner in China to Pressure Them on Iran

Secretary Geithner arrives in Beijing, China today for meetings with senior government officials to, according to the Treasury (my bold):

Discuss the state of the global economy, policies to strengthen global growth and other economic issues of mutual importance.  He will also discuss our continued coordination with international partners in the region to increase pressure on the Government of Iran, including financial measures targeting the Central Bank of Iran.

In the evening, Secretary Geithner will meet with Vice Premier Wang Qishan.

If the U.S. is successful in halting China and Europe from purchasing oil from Iran. The Strait of Hormuz becomes useless to Iran. Will the cornered Iran in desperation block the Strait?


  1. Mitt Romney says he likes firing people on national TV earlier today in N.H. :

    Pop corn anyone?

  2. The propaganda by the msm is absurd. On the news there is talk of Iran being just around the corner from making a nuke.

    What a load

  3. Geitner, the Rothschild puppet putting on a show. The Rothschilds own The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran including the rest on this list.

    Smoke and mirrors by the City of London, Wall Street and Washington D.C.. The elite are up to the same bullshit again.

  4. I have never been cheering so hard for the Chinese government to tell little Timmy to:
    F--- OFF

  5. I wonder at what point in time the Chinese tell the debtor, "Shaddup."