Monday, January 9, 2012

Very Powerful Ron Paul Ad: 'War Propaganda'



  1. Great ad, but I have two criticisms. First, it is too long. It would be too expensive for TV. Second, it does not mention the CIA National Intelligence Estimate that concluded that Iran is not working on a nuclear weapons program. A reference to the recent Defense Department report that Iran's military capabilities are almost entirely defensive would also help. And the recent statement by the head of the Mossad that Iran does NOT represent an existential threat to Israel would make Bachmann look pretty stupid although that may be an unnecessary redundancy, and I don't suppose that all those points could be made effectively in a one-minute ad, but I'd like to seem someone try. Ron Paul definitely needs to have something like this on TV. Unlike 2008, George Bush and Dick Cheney are now fair game in a GOP primary contest.

  2. Thought this was a professional advertisement at first, so it certainly surprised me when I found out it was from a random user on YT. Paul needs to do more advertisements based on foreign policy. He would get even more support from Democrats and Independents that don't know much about him yet. If he wins the Republican nomination, I'm sure we can expect to see many of these.

  3. absolutely great for the general election.

    absolutely terrible for the primary ...