Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Good Life of Murray N. Rothbard

In 1996 at the Mises Institute Supporters Summit in San Francisco, California, JoAnn "Joey" Rothbard spoke about her late husband, Murray.

Note: I never met Mrs. Rothbard and today is the first time I heard this clip, but it's clear why Murray married her. She was as sharp as a tack and shared Murray's wonderful gift of wit and humor. 


  1. Folks who like this will also like Margit von Mises' ' My Years With Ludwig von Mises' available from the LvMI in physical or free audio book formats.

  2. Their voices sound the same.

  3. What a treat, and a neat, special woman.

  4. Thanks, that's a real pleasure to hear.

  5. Awesome speech, I only wish that it was longer. As somebody already noted, she does sound a lot like Murray.

  6. I can't imagine how great it must have been, to spend an evening at the Rothbard's.
    Walter Block says his health was endangered by over-laughing.
    Lucky Walter, Lucky Lew Rockwell.
    sigh. Well, there ARE tapes...
    Oh, and THANKS, Robert!!!!!