Sunday, January 29, 2012

U.S. Park Police Tase Occupy D.C. Protester

Here's WTOP reporting the police version:
An Occupy D.C. protester was tased Sunday afternoon at McPherson Square, as Park Police were handing out fliers about the upcoming Monday deadline on overnight camping.

Park Police Sergeant David Schlosser tells WTOP the man got angry about the fliers and confronted officers about the ban.

Schlosser says officers used a taser on the man when he wouldn't comply with police orders.

Police arrested him and took him to the hospital, after he informed them about a previous medical condition.

The man was taken to George Washington Hospital where he refused treatment and was charged with disturbing the peace.

Starting noon Monday, Park Police will enforce a ban on overnight camping in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza.


  1. The sad truth is the violence is coming and I don't want to see anyone hurt. I don't support either side though, two sides to the same coin.

    1. "Coming"? One side has been violent from the very start. In fact, that is pretty much their job description (employing violence to enforce the will of your rulers). You should inform yourself so you don't come across as a boot-licker.

    2. I am well aware who has a monopoly of force and who doesn't. I am not debating semantics. I am aware of the violence perpetrated by the "police" but it is clear to anyone following that an eruption is COMING because tension is building.

      And insulting me isn't going to help your case or anyone's -- I am far from a bootlicker but thanks. One would suggest keeping the mentality we are all in this fight together. Oppressive force v. free people. You should inform yourself so you don't come across as intolerant.

  2. Land of the free, apparently.

  3. All politics aside, this looks like it will get uglier in 2012 before it gets better. First, the occupiers aren't stupid, they know their rights and just baiting the police to do something stupid. All it takes is that one stupid cop to slip up, see the "white shirt" NYPD who used pepper spray on mass crowds.

    The problem I see, however, is that nobody understands WHY the occupy movement is still going on. Most Americans have the attention span of a goldfish, and since this has been going on for a few months now, the majority of people are just comparing them to loafing hippies.

  4. I vote for an amendment to the First so that it reads that 'Congress shall make no law abridging the right of the people to peaceably camp out indefinitely on public property until they can figure out what their petition to the Govt. for redress of grievances ought to say'.
    Can I get a mike check?