Monday, January 30, 2012

Greek Financial Crisis Resulting in More Abandoned Children

Greece is coming apart at the seems. The Guardian had this report in late December:
As Greece prepares to endure a fifth consecutive year of recession, as the crisis extends its reach, as cuts take their toll, as poverty deepens and unemployment climbs, evidence is mounting that society is tearing at the seams.

Like the middle class, society's great connector, families are beginning to unravel under the weight of a crisis that, with no end in sight, is as much human as it is financial...

From cases of newborn babies wrapped in swaddling and dumped on the doorsteps of clinics, to children being offloaded on charities and put in foster care, the nation's struggle to pay off its debts is assuming dramatic proportions, even if officials insist that the belt-tightening and structural reforms will eventually change the EU's most uncompetitive economy for the better.

Propelled by poverty, 500 families had recently asked to place children in homes run by the charity SOS Children's Villages, according to the Greek daily Kathimerini. One toddler was left at the nursery she attended with a note that read: "I will not return to get Anna. I don't have any money, I can't bring her up. Sorry. Her mother."
Many other eurozone countries are not far behind. From all indications Portugal is next on the bankster hit list. But eventually all of the eurozone may be swallowed up in misery. The youth of Spain are already leaving their country.

The cause is, of course, socialist and other interventionist schemes that suck the wealth and drive from the productive to hand the wealth over (for votes) to those with their hands out. Eventually, it leads to this. The only wealthy left are elitists who know how to game the system and keep their wealth and know how to cause the government to take measures that will increase their wealth with everyone else just struggling to survive.

We are early stage strugglers in the United States, but the struggle is going to intensify here.



  1. And so... Little by little, Germany takes over Europe.
    Hitler wins!!!!
    But don't worry, this time we(that is, our Overlords) are with Hitler!

    1. Didn't you hear -- Hitler died?

  2. These are the same people who voted for these socialist thieves in the first place...They are too stupid to realize the outcome of that. Eat the rich and everyone dies. When the parasite kills the host the parasite dies. Amerika is just getting started on the road to socialist terror.

  3. Europe needs that drastic shake up.Hopefully it will wake up the true European spirit tranquilized by the free funny money and free pamper bribes of its sell out governments.

  4. "the rotted cultures of the looters' continents" (referring to Europe in Francisco's Money Speech in Atlas Shrugged).

    "When we'll see men dying of starvation around us, your heart won't be of any earthly use to save them. And I'm heartless enough to say that when you'll scream, "But I didn't know it!" – you will not be forgiven." Francisco D'Anconia