Sunday, January 1, 2012

How Congress Has Signed Its Own Arrest Warrants in the NDAA Citizen Arrest Act

It is done. President Obama has signed the National Defense Appropriations Act, which includes Amendment 1031, which allows for the military detention of American citizens.

Naomi Wolf warns that military power turned inward has always resulted in the beating up of journalists and editors, but also, she notes, government leaders. Wolf wrote this just a few days ago before the NDAA was signed and passed into law:
US Congresspeople and Senators may think that their power protects them from the treacherous wording of Amendments 1031 and 1032: but their arrogance is leading them to a blindness that is suicidal. The moment they sign this NDAA into law, history shows that they themselves and their staff are the most physically endangered by it. They will immediately become, not the masters of the great might of the United States military, but its subjects and even, if history is any guide — and every single outcome of ramping up police state powers, unfortunately, that I have warned for years that history points to, has come to pass — sadly but inevitably, its very first targets.
Wolf's full discussion, as she chronicles the history of military given full power, is a must read and here.



  1. I can now say, without any reservation, that I love my country and it's people, and disavow my government. They are traitors and should be treated with contemp.

    I am Sparticus

  2. Just desserts, can you say? No one is so deserving of a baton to the rear as an idiotically incompetent and evil politician.

  3. The terrorists in DC have something big planned.
    Why would they do this if they didn't have a Lincoln or FDR type terror attack against all US citizens in mind?

  4. Signed just before New Years Eve. Coincidence, I think not.

  5. Oh...Yeah...This little thought should make all of us idiot/owned tax cattle feel better now. Our Owners are dunces.

  6. We are nothing but 'FROGS' in a kettle

    of 'COLD' water, watching the heat being

    turned up, not feeling the pain at first,

    until it is too late to jump out..

    Yes! we are loosing 'our' Freedoms, slowly but surely..

    Wake up people before it is to late!!!

    Remember what happened to the countrymen/women

    of Germany before WWII..

    when the country took the rights away from one group then another..

    and then there was 'No One' left to battle the

    Forces of 'Evil'

  7. The Praetorian Guard picked the emperors of Rome for its last 300 years.

  8. " In order for evil to exist-
    Good men stand by and do nothing"

    The U.S. government is a theft based mob
    Approximately 350 members who rule 325 million people

    They have stolen your freedoms
    ...................................... your land
    ...................................... your future
    ..................................... your birthright
    ..................................... your safety
    ......................................your life

    You and your children are slaves, those yet to be born are enslaved even before they take their first breaths

    Your monetary wealth is stolen thru the "tax" system
    Your rule of law is controlled by corporations & sanctioned by the blindness & indifference of congress

    800 FEMA camps await some 19.5 million + "politically dangerous" Americans

    U.S. military might will be used against it's own people at a level of savagery never imagined before

    There still exist a chance to change, yet it is no one person , leader or party that will save you

    It is your own self rule your own self freedom of choice
    Right of self choice, right of self rule.

    Arm yourselves, make a stand in thought word & deed

    " In order for evil to exist-
    Good men stand by and do nothing"

  9. Strangly the happenings in the U.S. are a parallal to Germany in the 1930's. Hilter eradiated the enemies of the state.Obummer needs a scape goat, ie: first the house reps.,second the tea party.Its strange his friends in hollywood aren't fighting his taxing policies.

  10. Guns will be banned soon. If you refuse, you will be labeled a terrorist, arrested and detained without trial in a FEMA camp, and they don't have to disclose where you are held, in essence, deny your existance.

    The original constitution and the bill of rights,the 1st ten amendments, must be restored to it's original set of rules as ratified 1n 1787. Let the banning of guns be the birthcry of the Second American Revolutionary War, against the Government, to restore the Constitution of the United States of America to it's original statute.

    "The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take guns away."
    -Thomas Jefferson

  11. From my cold dead hands

  12. From my cold dead hands

  13. When, and they will, come for my guns, they will get them one round at a time. Death is preferable to a FEMA Camp. Besides, you don't feel the bullet that kills you. At least, no one has ever said different.

  14. My theory in this case, in a country like ours, is the military leaders understand their oath to the constitution, imprison those politicians and aid a peaceful transistion America back to a Republic it once was.

    1. Hopefully there are enough Oath Keepers in the Military in the right ranks to protect our rights and the Constitution, because a few will make a difference but many will save this country.