Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ron Paul-Hater Bob Schieffer Tries to Go After Ron Paul, Again

With Ron Paul easily handling a Bob Schieffer 'Face the Nation' attack back in November. Schieffer starts the New Year off by trying to get to Ron through his son Rand. He had the same lack of success with Rand.

Watch closely and you can almost see the Bob "Mr. Establishment' Schieffer hate venting from his nose and ears.


  1. Schieffer has now been owned by both of the Pauls. He does about as well against them as Joe Frazier did against George Foreman.

  2. I wonder if he cut Rand off early like he did ten minutes early to Ron Paul!

  3. Schieffer repeatedly failing in his impression of Curt Brusque-"uh, let me ask...", "you would have to concede..."

    Retirement looms, Bob...


    These three videos represent all of RP's appearances today on CNN, ABC, and Foxnews.

  5. Hi Mr. Schieffer and f^#$k off Mr.Schieffer
    Very polite.Brilliant! Thanks Rand Paul.

  6. Ron Paul is "Out of the mainstream" seems to be the latest attempt-to-smear-slogan from the Republican establishment. The other night on CNN that was the headline "Bob Dole: Ron Paul is out of the mainstream"

    To me, that is enticing. Who would want a mainstream Republican? Yuck.

  7. Who the hell is Bob Dole - he the pineapple guy?

    Makes you wonder what old fart their going to haul in front of the cameras next to try and disparage the good doctor. Don't these geezers know they are irrelevant???

    Burn this into your consciousness defenders of the status quo: NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK.

    We the people, are going to elect the only candidate who has a plan to save our country. That man IS Ron Paul.

  8. What a tool.

    Second the comment above. These fossils don't realize that everyone hates them and what they stand for so when they attack someone they hate, like Paul, it's perceived as an endorsement to millions of normal people.

  9. And this is accepted today as "journalism"