Friday, January 6, 2012

Latest Rasmussen Poll Results for NH, SC, National

Rasmussen Reports has it:

New Hampshire GOP Primary: Romney 42%, Paul 18%, Santorum 13%, Huntsman 12%

South Carolina Primary: Romney 27%, Santorum 24%, Gingrich 18%, Paul 11%

National GOP Poll: Romney 29%, Santorum 21%, Gingrich 16%, Paul 12%


  1. It's angering to me how Paul does not have more support than this. I wish people understood war more. Ron should have so much more support. I contribute it to the media, that and people's ignorance. No one wants to do the research.

  2. He should have more support but he's not going to get it. Face it, most Americans are totally thick headed and complete morons. It is going to stay this way.

    Once the gestapo comes to THEIR door only THEN will they wake up. But by then it will be too late. Work hard on trying to get out of the country. Full fascism will soon be here.

  3. Yeah, quite disappointing. As to why Paul isn't getting more support, I think it's war/foreign policy--at least among conservative Christian voters (particularly in the Bible belt). They've been brainwashed to think "national security" is the most important issue and wars are inevitable. And it gets reinforced with every July 4th celebration, 9/11 memorial event and even many church services that put more emphasis on Veteran's/Memorial Days than the traditional church calendar.

    I'm part of that demographic, spent 8 years in the AF and am convinced this is the case. And please, no one else tell me "thank you for serving our country"...I know it's well-intentioned, but thank those who provide goods and services in the private sector instead.

  4. It takes time to educate most people who are set in their ways or like the easy convenience of spoon feeding. But as the old foggies (in mindset) are replaced by the youth reading and challenging conventional wisdom, the tide will change. The cure is spreading somewhere quickly elsewhere slowly, but change is afoot. Sometimes people need more time or evidence to perceive what's happening to them.

  5. @ Anon 2:47

    I agree completely. Its tough to get through to them too because you can't prove to them that leaving the world alone will better protect us(and save us from the financial abyss). They know there are "bad" people over there and they are trying to hurt us. They don't ask why. I am a Christian and both my father and brother serve in the AF, so at least I have a bit of clout when I refuse to acknowledge every military personnel is a hero. I know many have good intentions, but many just want a paycheck, either way they are not forced over there against their will and they are not risking their lives to save mine or my families. To act like they do anything greater than a steel worker in NYC is a farce and to act like we are eternally in debt to these "great Americans" is a shame.

  6. Does anyone still think that Democracy will restore freedom? The politicians own the sheeple's brains using their public schools and TV. Most people in the world are government-lovers.

  7. The South is funny. Ever since it was crushed by the Northern aggression against their country in 1861-65, Southerners have engaged in a kind of "Stockholm Syndrome," where victims identify with the predators who have oppressed them. The South is the by far the most war-friendly part of the country. When Washington and the elites that control Washington decide there's another foreign devil to destroy, Southerners just fall in line behind our rulers. Very sad for what once were a proud and independent people.