Friday, January 6, 2012

Phil Donahue on Ron Paul & Foreign Policy

A fascinating interview of the liberal who wasn't afraid to have Ayn Rand on his show.



  1. Who pays for the wars and the 900 overseas military bases Phil? Where is the paymaster?

  2. I'm not a big fan of Phil Donahue's politics, but I agree with what Bob Wenzel says. He'd have Milton Friedman and Rush Limbaugh on and have an honest debate with them. I don't think he cut anyone's mic in his whole career.

  3. Anonymous 12:58,

    I too entirely dislike Donahue's politics, but I also agree that he has never cut anyone's mic. In fact, I can't think of a single instance where he even cut somebody off mid-sentence, let alone cut their mic completely. He always let his guests speak their mind. Then again, that was the 80s when people actually could get their point across on television. Interestingly, the networks wonder why they're losing money hand over fist-- it's because you're lying scum who never let anybody with an opposing view get another word in edgewise.

    If ever you sought a truly free press, the internet is it. It is the printing press times infinity.

  4. Great video with Donahue and O'Reilly

    Also one of my favorite memories of Donahue was when he asked Victor Pozner, if the Soviet Union really believed the US would use nuclear weapons. Pozner responded with one of the great unsaid truths of our time. Yes, they have already and are the only ones to do so.

  5. Poor Phil. His show got cancelled because he wasn't behind the Iraq war. How sad!

    I love the way he disclaims being a pacifist... Because of Hitler!

    In all the time that I recall Donahue being a talk show host, I don't recall him making an issue of, say, the Bosnian wars. I think he is employed on a limited hangout.


    author of rp racial articles in newsletters uncovered, and this reality check story also shows that the new republic intentionally left his name out of the stories to smear RP!

  7. One of the dirtiest tricks I've seen in a political campaign. Seriously, I've worked in a few, it is that bad.

  8. As much as Donahue is anti-war, as much as it's good that Donahue CLAIMS that he's for Ron Paul on this issue...

    Suppose the election came down to voting for pro-war Obama or anti-war Paul.

    Donahue the anti-war advocate would almost certainly vote for pro-war Obama anyway, and the explanation will no longer be anti-war, but some nonsense on Ron Paul's other positions.

    Donahue only espouses anti-war rhetoric when he knows he doesn't have to actually make a choice between anti-war and "his other MORE IMPORTANT beliefs than war."