Friday, January 20, 2012

Rand Paul: I Will Do Everything in My Power to Stop SOPA

In a statement, Senator Rand Paul said that, "The Internet, as we know it, has had a profound impact on job creation, the global economy and prosperity. It has accelerated wealth creation and facilitated a more connected world. But the Internet's development is based on the free flow of information, innovation, and ideas, not central government control."

Senator Paul went on:
Both PIPA and SOPA give the federal government unprecedented and unconstitutional power to censor the Internet. These bills enable the government to shut down websites that it deems guilty of violating copyright laws. While we support copyright protections, we are also concerned about websites being shut down without their day in court, and making innocent third parties bear the costs of solving someone else's problems.

I will not sit idly by while PIPA and SOPA eliminate the constitutionally protected rights to due process and free speech. For these reasons, I have pledged to oppose, filibuster and do everything in my power to stop government censorship of the Internet.


  1. The good guys won for a change.

    This round at least.

  2. If Rand Paul wasn't doing so much good in the Senate, I would like to see a Paul/Paul ticket.

    I love how Ron pointed out that the Republicans usually back laws that go against our liberties and how its nice to see them all agree to protect them. When he said something to the effect of "See Liberty can bring people together", I cheered and laughed at the same time."

  3. And then, the next day, Obama acts when "Congress does not" ...

    MegaUpload whacked, with SOPA style action, in absence of SOPA

    Apparently a law no longer needs to be passed in order to be enforced, and other laws on the books are no longer enforced even though they're passed.

    I forget the interview in which the gent said, "We live in a Post-Constitution society."

    Anonymous is retaliating.

    All those statements about the US being worried about another country starting a cyber-war with us, and we went and started one with the non-governmentals.

    USGov is very lucky Anon is "playing nice" so far. Example: imagine the effect of a DDoS against the IRS as we start the 'tax season'. A heavy enough hit there would prevent a lot of folks from filing, especially if they owed money.

    Welcome to the Future.