Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rockwell Interviews Wenzel

Lew Rockwell interviewed me today. There's a back story to this interview that Lew isn't even aware of.

I did the interview over my laptop in the lobby of the JW Marriott Hotel in Washington D.C. It just so happened that the hotel was hosting some kind of national security conference. Janet Napolitano was the keynote speaker.

About half way through the interview, at the group of chairs next to me, three attendees to the conference sat down, police badges prominently displayed. You'll know the point in the interview because I really intensify my bashing of government intervention.

So they sit there through the rest of the interview, two men and one woman, and after the interview is over, the guy in the middle sort of waves at me and says "Hi." He's kind of a good ol' boy from, as I later learned, West Texas. So are the other two.

I got the sense that he knew I was doing an interview but really didn't get the gist of what I was saying. I said, "Oh I was just doing an interview about economics." But I couldn't hold back and I went on and said,"Actually, part of the interview is about you guys. The three of you seem like decent people but I think you are being used in a way where you could be used against Americans. I think you have us surrounded. You aren't using your powers against us in general now, but I think that could change."

I then went on to explain my theory of how even price controls could result in the police state turning against us.

The woman then said, "It doesn't sound like you think there is much role for government." I said, "Not much at all, but I think the three of you could do well as private sector security."

She then received a phone call that took her out of the conversation.

The good ol' boy then said he didn't understand much about economics.

I said, "Well, just remember what I said here today. It may come three years or five years down the road, but you could all become a part of a police state that's, because of price controls, even trying to catch milk smugglers. At that point, I hope you remember this conversation and you give a milk smuggler a break, because he will be just in a desperate situation trying to survive and your role will be far, far more intrusive than it is even today."

With that I smiled, waved and walked away.

The interview is here.


  1. Ha! That took some guts.

  2. They thought they were free...

  3. (... three weeks later...)

    Why hasn't Bob posted anything lately?

  4. Bravo!

    Actually, that sort of thing (talking with them) is easier than it sounds. Most of them know it's all a scam, but hey, it's pretty easy job for them, generally.

  5. That is freaking awesome, Wenzel. Great interview, also. I actually enjoyed this account even more though...

  6. You are lucky you are still alive!!!

  7. Congratulations. You are now on Obama's hit list.

    1. If there was already such a hit list, I am sure that Bob was put on it long ago.

  8. I was employed as an actuarial technician by the downtown Detroit office of a major pension consulting firm in the summer of 1987. Three of my colleagues and I, all of us dyed-in-the-wool libertarians, met for dinner after work one Friday. We proceeded to the bars. As was our wont, we commenced unleashing anti-government tirades to each other.

    Meandering through the streets of Detroit's Greektown, we noticed a smiling young black couple looking over at us. We surmised they were kindred spirits. I shouted over to to them, "Don't you agree? Don't you think the police preserve far more disorder than they prevent?"

    "That may well be," the young fellow chuckled. "I have to tell you, though, I am a Detroit police officer." He was still smiling as he showed me his badge.

  9. Nice work. As another commenter noted, it is actually much easier to confront authority when you're in the moment. Remember not to be disrespectful or offensive/aggressive in your demeanor and you'll usually get to speak your piece. Rarely will you get an on-duty officer agreeing with you outright, but maybe they'll go search infowars when they get off-shift.