Monday, January 9, 2012

This is Really Going to Disappoint Roger Stone

Dirty tricks operative Roger Stone has of late been obsessed with, I have no idea why, Rand Paul's hair. Stone has tweeted many times he wears a toupee.

NYT weighs in for the record:

Before introducing candidate/Daddy Ron Paul at an airport rally, Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, addressed a matter on everyone’s minds: his own hair.
He told of how a woman back home had recently grabbed him by his stiffly tousled mane. When he asked her what she was doing, she replied, “I just wanted to check to see if it was a toupee or not.” 
It’s not clear why young Mr. Paul told this story Friday in Nashua, though perhaps to reinforce the Ron Paul campaign’s message of authenticity (“Hair’s real, so’s Dad”). Whatever, the crowd loved it — as they love everything Paul, especially Daddy Ron, who moseyed out in a professorial gray blazer a few minutes later to echoing screams.

BTW, you could probably get Stone to tweet beautiful tweets about your presidential chances if you send him a couple of hundred bucks. It doesn't appear any of the big horses have him on the payroll and his absurd gaga comments about Gary Johnson suggest that Johnson probably bought him a Starbucks grande latte. Stone just tweeted, honestly:
Why Gov. Gary Johnson will make a difference in 2012

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  1. He once tweeted that he doesn't understand how Ron Paul's opposition of abortion can possibly be libertarian.

    I wrote that Ron was merely following the Libertarian "non-aggression principle."

    Based on his response, Stone had no idea what I was talking about.