Friday, January 13, 2012

US Seeking to 'Close Down' Iran Central Bank

The incredible squeeze on Iran continues (viaAFP):
The latest round of American sanctions are aimed at shutting down Iran's central bank, a senior US official said Thursday, spelling out that intention directly for the first time. 
"We do need to close down the Central Bank of Iran (CBI)," the official told reporters on condition of anonymity, while adding that the United States is moving quickly to implement the sanctions, signed into law last month. 
The sanctions, broadly aimed at forcing Tehran to shift course on its nuclear program, targeted Iran's crucial oil sector and required foreign firms to make a choice between doing business with Iran or the United States.
Foreign central banks that deal with the Iranian central bank on oil transactions could also face similar restrictions under the new law, which has sparked fears of damage to US ties with nations like Russia and China. 
"If a correspondent bank of a US bank wants to do business with us and they're doing business with CBI or other designated Iranian banks... then they're going to get in trouble with us," the US official said.
I have to think that this may cause blowback in the form of many countries developing a gold-backed currency to use and trade in. Will all these countries dump their dollars for gold? If I'm the central banker in Russia, China, Syria, Iran and many South American countries, I'm thinking completely in terms of how to be less vulnerable to the U.S. empire gone mad. Gold is one answer.


  1. I have to completely agree with your conclusion.

    Sanctions is an act of war. Creating an economic war with Iran will make others that use the U.S.A. as a reserve currency very nervous as to their futures.

  2. A switch to gold would help end the US hegemony without firing a shot....not that a "shot" wouldn't occur if something like that happened...but has the potential to bring more freedom to all of us if it were to occur.

    You'd think with the parties involved they could at least fund a new currency backed by oil barrels if they don't have enough gold to pull it off....

  3. "If a correspondent bank of a US bank wants to do business with us and they're doing business with CBI or other designated Iranian banks... then they're going to get in trouble with us," the US official said.

    This "official" is nothing but a garden variety street thug, that while dressed in taxpayer financed blazer and slacks, is underneath just as rotten.

  4. The ultimate Keynesian weapon - war...

    God help us all.

    P.S. Watch out for false flags!!!

  5. nixonesque - we are all dollar-slaves now.

  6. It is an absolute joke that Rand Paul voted for those sanctions, and is one of the main reasons I will never support him in any aspect of his political career.

    1. There were votes similarly bad that Rand cast prior to this one.

      He's not as stout as his old man ethically or philosophically.

      Frankly, I don't like the notion that Rand is supposed to be some type of Libertarian version of "Camelot", the Bushes, Clintons etc. et al

      It's not about the cult of personality, it's about the IDEAS espoused by Ron Paul that have been built up by a long line of critical thinkers before him.

      This eagerness by some Libertarians to suggest Rand is the genetic inheritor of the philosophies of freedom, peace, & prosperity are akin to the desire for Kings, Queens, & their blueblood lineages.

      That's aside from the fact he's simply not nearly as rigorous as his old man or other greats in the Mises/Rothbard tradition.

      It's pretty obvious why many Neocons find Rand Paul "palatable".

  7. I know this is so far fetched, but imagine that another "America" were to emerge in Asia at some point. One based on individual rights, private property, the divine nature of the human soul/person and free choice in money. In addition, a well educated and heavily armed populace which could not be held, even if taken by an outside military power. This would be a God-send to us, because emigrants would have a place to go, and this "new America" could once again set an example to the world through free trade, and non-intervention at home and abroad. One can dream...

  8. I just confirmed for myself that Rand voted for the sanctions. I agree, that is inexcusable. We are headed for unbelievably rough times. Most of the American population still seems to prefer watching sports and American Idol over loving and supporting one another, too. Or maybe I'm a terrible pessimist, but whatever good survives and grows throughout the New World Order plans is going to be far less vibrant and healthy than it otherwise would have been.

  9. Wow, Rand Paul voted for the sanctions? He's certainly lost my vote for whenever he runs as president.


    The U.S. excuse for cramming the region with military strike groups is in case Israel does something crazy.

    The U.s. and Israeli war machines are attached at the hip.

  11. I know Ron Paul and Rand is no Ron Paul! Sad. Must have really given Ron indigestion. What a loser!