Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What the Elite Think about Tax Cuts

I have written before that WaPo columnist Ezra Klein is the go to go columnist for the Washington-Wall Street elite. More than one WalWash player has pointed me to Klein columns. In an otherwise boring Klein column, written yesterday,I found this gem:
If any time does not allow a substantial, permanent tax cut, this is it. Deficits are large, and stretch as far as they eye — or the economic model — can see.
These guys, the real elitists, just don't think in terms of government spending cuts.

To them, it's all about higher taxes that squeeze the middle class, and eventually get so onerous that they drive the youth away, just like what is occurring now in Greece and Spain. The Greek and Spanish youth that have any savvy are leaving the country.

If those who think like Klein continue to have the upper hand, the youth of America will join those in other countries who are fleeing the heavy hand of the elitists.


  1. Mr. Wenzel, some of us have already left.

    Keep up the hard work.

  2. There's not many places to go to which are any better than US. And those places are eminently vulnerable to the militarist land-grabs by the US.

    I'm afraid US is going to be the last battlefield in the war with the creeping collectivism. We either win it, or go into the new Dark Age.

  3. Hey Phil, pass the Rum and Pineapple, please....Thanks!

  4. Many of us that haven't yet left are thinking long and hard about doing so. And it isn't just youth that will be bailing. I'm 48. Uruguay is looking quite appealing right now....

  5. They think like Sauron: the idea that the ring could be destroyed is completely unimaginable to them.

  6. The terrorists have won.
    America will turn everyone on earth into a NWO slave.
    Global Fascism via pax Americana can not be stopped.