Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Arrests for the Non-Crime of Insider Trading

The FBI is in the process of making insider trading arrests, this morning.  The latest report has Anthony Chiasson of Level Global as one of the arrested.



The FBI  arrested in Boston Todd Newman, a former portfolio manager with hedge-fund firm Diamondback Capital Management who oversaw technology investments..

The FBI separately arrested Jon Horvath, an employee of Sigma Capital Management, an affiliate of giant hedge fund SAC Capital Advisors, in NYC. Anthony Chiasson, a former hedge-fund manager at Level Global Investors LP, is expected to surrender in New York, and a fourth person was being sought.


  1. Insider trading is sort of like corruption in China. Everyone does it, but people tend to only be charged for them if they're small fry or have fallen out of favor in some way.

  2. So when do we arrest the entire US congress for insider trading?

    Oh wait, that's right they are important and above the law of the silly of me.