Monday, January 2, 2012

What Will Determine if the Iowa Caucus Counts as Important

David Weigel tweets:
If it's 24 Romney, 23 Paul tomorrow, Iowa counts. If it's 24 Paul, 23 Romney, it doesn't.


  1. Seems to me that the neo-con vote counters in a secure location in Iowa will decide if the caucus counts.

  2. i'm seeing on intrade and the latest polls that Romney is the slight favorite to win Iowa...

    I can't fucking believe that RP was the legit frontrunner for an actual length of time before the newsletter media blast and now the Santorum surge; both of which probably hurt Ron's numbers. Oh well. We all know Iowa would have been kicked out of the union had Ron won, anyways.

  3. I assumed the tabloids (NYT, etc) would only consider it important if an aspiring war criminal wins.

  4. Alvin, in contrast to this fellow. A must-watch for the whole world.