Monday, January 2, 2012

Rand Paul Predicts Ron Paul Victory in Iowa

Check out this video of a Rand Paul--Ron Paul campaign stop in Iowa. It's a packed house and Ron Paul gets to lay out his liberty message in total.



  1. Everyone is looking for a "savior". Oh how they will be disappointed when this "savior" is unable solve all of their problems.

    Robert LeFevre called it "the pagan faith in the State" and Rose Wilder Lane described it as "the unfounded belief in external authority".

    Sure, it would be nice if Ron Paul were to win the presidency but, when people see that he can't "save" them, maybe they will consider that true liberty comes from within and not from without.

  2. "Everyone is looking for a "savior"."

    Think again. I'm looking for the right IDEAS. It just so happens that Ron Paul is the chief speaker for liberty in Washington at the moment.

  3. Color me cynical. I have never believed for a moment the powers-that-be would allow Ron Paul to win. If they have to cheat, they will. Hope I'm proven wrong.

    And no, Ron Paul is not a "savior." He runs explicitly as a non-savior: "I don't want to run the economy, run your personal lives, or run the world." People flock to him because he credibly challenges the warmongers and police statists who want to be president, and because he tells the truth. Some of us can't easily expatriate and don't want our kids growing up with the gestapo.