Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Hungarian Entrepreneurs Don't Hire Women, People Over 50 and Most Others

By Jakab Andor

I could hire 12 people with €760 net salary, but I don't. I tell you why. You could work for my service provider company in a nice office. It's not telemarketing, it's not a scam. You would do serious work that requires high skills, 8 hours daily, only weekdays. I would employ you legally, I would pay your taxes and social security. I could give such a job to a dozen people, but I will not, and here I explain why.

I wouldn't hire a woman.

The reason is very simple: women give birth to children. I don't have the right to ask if she still wanted to. If I had the right, and she would answer, she could deceive me deliberately or she could change her mind.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have any problem with women giving birth to children. That's how I was born and that's how my child was born. I wouldn't hire a woman because when she gets pregnant, she goes for a 3 years maternity leave, during which I can't fire her. If she wants two children, the vacation is 6 years long.

Of course, work has to be done, so I would have to hire somebody who works instead of her while she is spending her long holiday years. But not only I couldn't fire her while she's away, I couldn't fire her when she comes back either. So I would have to fire the one who's been working instead of her for the whole time. When a woman would come back from the maternity leave I would be legally forced to increase her salary to the present level in her position, and also, give out her normal vacation days, that she has collected during the maternity leave. When she would come back to work, she would start with 2-4 months of fully paid vacation.

I wouldn't hire people over 50 either.

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  1. He is only using practical work experience and arithmetic to cover up for his hatred of women, the poor, the elderly, and (probably) ethnic minorities. What a stream of hate speech!

  2. And if you do higher a younger woman, make sure she is not attractive because the men in the office will spend all day hitting on her.

  3. I had no idea Hungarians loathed women and the elderly so much.

  4. Right, because if you don't wish to risk your time and capital obeying governmental edicts that would bleed your business dry you're just a big hater. Wake up, people, it's the government that clearly hates women, the elderly etc. by enacting policies that make them unemployable.

    This entrepreneur is explaining how he'd love to start a business, but based on current government interventions and taxation it wouldn't be worth it to himself, his potential customers or his potential employees.

  5. It is stupid to hire anyone. Only a fool would hire someone else even in Amerika. The UAW Parasite are not the only ones who are government-protected thieves.

  6. Yeah...This is UN-certified Hate Speech(TM). He needs to be thrown in a cage forever and without trial. Where is Obama when you need him!

  7. When you hire someone, they basically then own you.
    This is true almost everywhere on earth now.

    The Democracy Mob and their political terrorists have destroyed civil society almost everywhere on earth and it is just going to get worse for a long time.

  8. That's why you don't "hire"...You contract out!
    Screw W2 employees...Let them stave. You still have to be careful with 1099 people as well but they are not nearly as parasitic and gimme-gimme childish.

  9. Well what he's saying makes sense.