Friday, February 17, 2012

85 Things that Might Get You on a DHS Terrorist Watch List

Because the Department of Homeland Security has asked parts of the public to report suspicious activity through the “Communities Against Terrorism” program , if you visit an airport, stay in a hotel, drink coffee at an Internet cafĂ©, or in some other way interact with one of the Halloween G-men in the American public, a full-fledged FBI investigation is only one phone call away, says LaTi.

LaTi lists 85 things that might get you on a watch list, if a Halloween G-man spots you in the act::

1) Use Google Maps to find your way around a strange city.

2) Use Google Maps to view photos of sports stadiums.

3) Install online privacy protection software on your personal computer.

4) Attempt to shield your computer screen from the view of others.

5) Shave your beard, dye your hair or alter your mode of dress.

6) Sweat.

7)  Avoid eye contact.

8)  Use a cell-phone camera in an airport, train station or shopping mall.

9)  Seek to work alone or without supervision.

10) Appear to be out of place.

11) Have bright colored stains on your clothing.

12) Be missing any fingers.

13) Emit strange odors.

14) Travel an “illogical distance” to do your shopping.

15) Have someone pick you up from a beauty supply store.

33) Act impatient.

16) Be nervous.

17) Be a new customer from out of town.

18)  Use a credit card in someone else’s name.

19) Chant environmental slogans near construction sites.

20) Enter a construction site after work hours.

21) Rent watercraft for an extended period.

22) Make comments involving radical theology.

23)  Make vague or cryptic warnings.

24) Express anti-U.S. sentiments.

25) Purchase a quantity of prepaid or disposable cell phones.

26)  Leave store without preprogramming disposable phones.

27) Be overly interested in satellite phones and voice privacy.

28) Ask questions about swapping SIM cards in cell phones.

29) Ask questions about how phone location can be tracked.

30) Rewire cell phone’s ringer or backlight.

31) Express out-of-place and provocative religious or political sentiments.

32) Purchase a police scanner, infrared device or 2-way radio.

33)  Act impatient.

34)  Drive a vehicle that appears to be overloaded.

35) Depart quickly when seen or approached.

36) Be a person “acting suspiciously.”

37) Make illegible notes on a map.

38) Take photos of the Statue of Liberty or other “symbolic targets.”

39) Overdress for the weather.

40) Ask questions in a hobby shop about remote controlled aircraft.

41) Demonstrate interest that does not seem genuine.

42) Request specific room assignments or locations at a hotel or motel.

43) Arrive at a lodging with unusual amounts of luggage.

52) Make notes that are illegible to passersby.

44) Refuse cleaning service.

45) Avoid the lobby of a hotel or motel.

46) Remain in your hotel or motel room.

47) Leave your hotel for several days, then return.

48)  Leave behind clothing and toiletry items.

49) Park your vehicle in an isolated area.

50)  Be observed switching a cell phone SIM card.

51) Be observed using multiple cell phones.

52) Make notes that are illegible to passersby.

53) Communicate through a PC game.

54) Download “extreme/radical” content.

55) Exhibit preoccupation with press coverage of terrorist attacks.

56) Wear a backpack when the weather is warm.

57) Speak to mall maintenance personnel or security guards.

58)  Make racist comments.

59) Mumble to yourself.

60) Pass along any anonymous threats you may receive.

61) Discreetly take a photo in a mass transit site.

62) Arrive with a group of people and split off from them.

63)Demand “identity privacy.”

64) Appear to endorse the use of violence in support of a cause.

65) Make bulk purchases of meals ready to eat.

66) Arrive in America from a land where militant Islamic groups operate.

67) Take a long absence for religious education or charity work.

68) Travel to countries where militant Islam rules.

69) Study technical subjects that would aid a terror operation.

70) Work in a field that “serves as a cover for preparing for an operation.”

71) Exhibit ire at global policies of the U.S.

72) Balk at providing “complete personal information.”

73) Provide multiple names on rental car paperwork.

74) Receive an unusual number of package deliveries.

75) Replace rental property locks without permission.

76) Modify your property to conceal storage areas.

77) Fail to pay rent for a storage unit in a timely manner.

78)  Inquire about security systems at your storage facility.

79)  Place unusual items in storage units or dumpsters.

80) Avoid contact with rental facility personnel.

81) Access storage facilities an unusual number of times.

82) Request deliveries of items directly to a storage unit.

83) Be part of a group requesting identical tattoos.

84) Request tattoos that could conceal extremist symbols.

85) Fly while appearing to be Muslim on September 11 of any year.


  1. You forgot to mention: wearing a Murray Rothbard T-shirt!

  2. 64 is my favorite: "64) Appear to endorse the use of violence in support of a cause."

    So doesn't that indict every mainstream politician and pseudo-intellectual who endorses the use of violence against Iran in support of the cause to prevent them from developing nuclear weapons?

    1. I believe it indicts Tom Jefferson

    2. Number 69 was also good: “Study technical subjects that would aid a terror operation.”

      Such as all fields of engineering (structural, mechanical, chemical, electrical, bio, etc.) medicine, aviation, agriculture, computer programing….

    3. Does studying Keynesian economics to help with financial terrorism help?

    4. Number 69 is quite rational from the point of view of a power structure. A power structure cannot afford to have too many people who think rationally in terms of cause and effect. Such ways of thought when applied to the state expose the scams. All that might harm the state gets the "T" designation.

  3. so, basically ANYONE and EVERYONE is a paranoid white americans in an offical function...

    1. Not sure what being white has to do with it. Neither Obama or Eric Holder are white and they have a lot of say on the matter. Their corruption and inabilities are, likewise, not because of race. And I don't think Napolitano's stupidity is because of race or sexual orientation, but because she is a terrible person through and through and is insane (she is the worst embarrassment to ever come out of my state). Pull your head out of your #$% and look at who the people in charge are... and quit judging people by race it makes you look stupid.

    2. I must echo your sentiments. Especially the last line. Quit judging people by race, it makes you look stupid.

    3. you must be a racest news flash "the man" isnt just white any moore !

    4. No offense, but you just figured that out NOW?

    5. Well, you must be a racist, see item #58--oh wait, 'racism' doesn't apply when it's directed against white people. My bad.

  4. republish and/or retweet this post...even just once...

  5. They Forgot:

    86) Closing the stall door on the crapper when you take a dump.

    What have you got to hide??????

    1. They forgot 87) reading lists of what might get you on a DHS Terrorist watch list.

  6. Clearly DHS has gone completely, irrevocably, bat shit insane and have become the terrorists...

  7. Does the fact that he repeated items 33 and 52 mean that Mr. Wenzel is impatient and is sending illegible notes to secret confederates?

  8. I think even Mr. Rogers would be suspect under this list.

  9. Ha! Ha! Ha! I did all 85 in the past week! I'm still not on any watch lis....What's that loud banging on my front door? Wait while I answ...

  10. Someone help - what is a "Halloween G-man"? Thanks :-)

    1. I suspect that he's NOT somebody who jumps out yelling "TRICK OR TREAT!" at you.
      Rather, they would seem to be people "play-acting" at being G-Men without realizing the full consequences of their actions...

    2. Got it, thanks!


    1. Nope, won't be there. Have too much firepower to allow the bastards to take me in. I went through POW training in the Navy and have no desire to live out the rest of my life in those circumstances My wife and I will take out as many as we can before they take us down. We'd rather do down with our fingers on the trigger than become a "detainee" in any FEMA camp.

      Good luck to those who can't stand for their beliefs and cave into the government brainwashed minions who follow orders without thinking and will willingly round up fellow Americans. It's coming, so don't blink or you'll find yourself, and your loved ones, in a boxcar headed to a FEMA camp.

    2. You wont see me,But youll see all the other sheeple at the camps Lol

    3. FEMA Camps are fictional. Get that right sheeple.

  12. You forgot to add "Smile, or say Hello to other"

  13. complain about all this shit but completely accept the official version of 9/11 without reservation. pathetic.

  14. They forgot to add: Even THINK about how good it would be if the US just minded their own @#$#^%$ business and left everyone else the hell alone...

  15. We should all make every effort to complete the actions on this list as frequently and as thoroughly as possible in our daily lives. Let them wear themselves out. Let's exercise the livin' crap out of our liberty before it's completely gone.

  16. La Ti,

    DHS wants you, good job.

  17. Seems this list has left out taking flying lessons. And yes, it also seems that all of us are in fact terrorists; I will not name the many ways I have exposed myself in the past week, but they are indeed many, including, but not limited to ire at US global policies.

  18. Who said anyone here accepts the .gov version of 9/11? I suspect 90+% of the posters here know that the official story is bullshit.

  19. Knock knock knock....Dave's not here. $0*(2 ~~ secret code. #72 " what are your measurements mam?"

  20. Instead of all this politically correct nonsense just use profiling. As 99% of terrorists are moslem , concentrate on them. It's as simple as that. But unfortunately political correctness is more important than human life in the US.

  21. Ive been nicknamed THE RED DRAGON for trying to take a terrorist suspect to court for putting a stove element under my fridge, and installing a tray to heat nerve agents. Got prints and all. Then I get an implant that trys to give me Alzheimers by the devices defibrillator. AriaNZ

  22. George Orwell's 1984 is finally here and our freedom was legislated away by the right wing conservatives like the Tea party and chicken hawks that are afraid to go to bed at night unless Big Brother tucks them in

    1. You've got to be kidding: the Tea Party and the Neocons!?!
      They're either too fat, too comfortable or too old to threaten even a limp-wristed, Marx-quoting, leftoid fly.
      So what's a commie like you a-feared of?

  23. We all need to DO all the things they mention in the list. It'll drive 'em nuts ttrying to come up with a new list!

  24. And here all I was noticing was the left wing, radical liberals. You know, the socialist lot. I guess we have them all covered, right?

  25. FEAR! FEAR! and FEAR! is driving everyone to do anything for protection. "They" come in the night like cowards, strike at the innocent to create FEAR! We do need to protect our selves from the evil that comes. DHS is responsible for all our safety, we should find ways to improve our ability to lessen the FEAR... Become proactive don't just walk away from some threat you have identified, tell the airport security people, tell the mall security... your FEAR will be GONE and some lives could be saved including YOURS! Race has NOTHING to do with this threat... it is up to you and me to make a difference.

  26. hahahha is this for real?!!!

  27. No backpacks when it's hot? So now, all our children 3-25 are suspected terrorists while going to school? No stress there...

  28. I think this is more about if you do something they dont liike this is their weapon to destroy you. I know no man who is free and clear of all of the above.

  29. OK so we all see what's happening we all see the mindless sheeples ( lmao im so Jackin that btw) we also know how sick we r of trying to open there eyes when all we r met with is disbelief questions and ultimately anger .....u know why they get angry? Cuz they see it too .. they know they just can't do anything about it so they go along with it ... its easier then conflict ... for some of us ;) but for others they don't like it easy they LIKE IT ROUGH lmao they have more of a BRING IT ON !!! kinda attitude ... good luck to ya hope to meet some of u :)

  30. Damn . . . I took a picture of the Statue of Liberty . . . my bad!!!

  31. I wonder if this list is being presented in a deceptive fashion. In profiling it is normal to require a cluster of behaviors for suspicion to be aroused. A cluster, not a single behavior. Each item cannot be taken by itself.