Friday, February 17, 2012

The Ron Paul Message Infiltrates the White House

The UK's Mail Online reports:

How awkward! Michelle Obama surprises visitors on White House tour... and shakes hands with man in Ron Paul T-shirt...Rather than taking a jab at the Republican primary, Mrs Obama opted to avoid the issue all-together, and simply shook the young man's hand and asked him where he was from.

Wrong affiliation: Mrs Obama chose not to comment on the fact that one of the visitors was wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt while touring the White House

Now, we need a Murray Rothbard T-shirt wearer in the White House (preferably as president).

Murray Rothbard T-Shirt Black


  1. Today that goofy white dude has a date with a RP hottie. Guaranteed.

  2. How did he get into the White House with an umbrella?

  3. More importantly, how did he get in without being told to cover up, there's no politicking in the White House during an election year?

  4. Speaking of Murray, I have the best idea for a new, very snarky Rothbard tee-shirt that I was going to pass to Tucker before he left the LvMI.