Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blatant GOP Fraud in Maine Put Romney Ahead of Ron Paul?

You decide.

If this report is accurate, establishment Republicans used every trick in the book to insure a Mitt Romney "victory" over Ron Paul.



  1. Honestly, people live in such a fantasy world these days. They put themselves in denial of what kind of socialist crackpots Romney and the other statist bozos are, and they want so much to believe that any one of them will actually beat Obama.

    So let Romney steal the nomination (like it matters anyway) and then he'll lose to Obama.

    In the end, this election (IF it actually takes place, if you know what I mean) will not matter, because Amerikans will continue to kick the can down the road, the can of failed democracy, failed socialism, and the crashing centralized economy.

    Stop kicking the can down the road, face the fact that central planning doesn't work and that federalism is an inherently flawed concept, and get rid of Leviathan and let's decentralize!

  2. That's a common fraudster tactic, to simply swap the names above each vote count. So Romney got Paul's votes, and Paul got "undecideds". Check out what may have happened in New Hampshire in the 2008 primary:

  3. Publicizing this blatant voter fraud will only help take away consent from the people and make people realize what frauds the state and ruling elites are. In a way, it completely validates everything Ron Paul and libertarians say. We can't stop it completely, but we can get the word out and help take down the state in the mindset of the people by getting this word out.

  4. Here's more on the "just swap names" fraudster tactic. SC 2012 results: