Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If Every Person Had an Equal Amount of Gold, How Many Gold Rings Would Each Person Be Able to Have?

Megan Duffield sends along this comment she wrote: took on the ever interesting task of breaking down the life of gold, including where it is, who has it, and where it’s going. Some of the facts pulled from this beautiful graphic are astonishing. 
Did you know that all the gold in the world could be broken down to 5 golden rings per person on the planet? Or that contrary to most of you reading this, jewelry is the main use of gold, not investments!
Click the image to see the entire graphic.


  1. I only have 2 gold rings. But then I probably make up for the 3 I'm lacking with a few of the coins I've got.

  2. Gold has been pretty steady for hundreds of years with regard to supply vs. population. For the last 400 years it has stayed right around 1-1.4 oz per person.

  3. It seems unfathomable. A tiny amount of gold would have a huge amount of purchasing power. I guess other metals would also circulate, like silver and platinum. It would be nice not to have oligarchs and debtors stealing purchasing power. It's hard to imagine.