Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chris Christie to Warren Buffett: Just 'shut up'

Well, the guys a politician and he sounds like he wants to redistribute more money to "the poor", but I have to give him points for this.

During a discussion with CNN's Piers Morgan about tax rates, New Jersy Governor Chris Christie made it known that he's just about had it with Warren Buffett and his yapping about paying taxes at a lower tax rate than his secretary.

"He should just write a check and shut up," Christie said. "I'm tired of hearing about it. If he wants to give the government more money, he's got the ability to write a check -- go ahead and write it."


  1. From what I understand, Buffett gets a $100K salary and the rest in much lower-taxed dividends. So all of his lobbying for "the rich" to pay "higher tax rates" is nothing but hypocritical hot air.

  2. Buffett also lies about how much he pays. He earns his money from his corporation(cap gains) which pays 35% on its profits. He then pays 15% on top. I wish someone would call him out on this.

  3. Christie is mostly status quo, but once in awhile he does something that makes you go "YEAH!"

  4. Yes, I was glad to see him say this as well. Not a Christie fan, but definitely a fan of anyone who is willing to finally tell Buffett to shut it. I'm really getting sick of his political soap boxing.

  5. That was funny.

    It would probably never happen, but it would also be kind of funny to see a "reporter" ask Buffett why he does not write a check out.
    A video clip of that answer would probably go viral.

  6. That's the thing. Buffet's hypocrisy is outstanding. Warren pay yourself, oh I don't know, maybe 10 million a year and use that as your income.