Sunday, February 26, 2012

Citi Banksters Abandoning Obama

The uneasy alliance between President Obama and the banksters is ripping big time at Citigroup.

A key Citigroup player is aggressively hustling his fellow Citi employees to contribute to the Mitt Romney campaign. This is a major turn at Citi. Former-OMB director under Obama has hung his hat at Citi and Citi has always been Obama country. But, most see Orszag as a lightweight opportunist and some say he couldn't influence a cleaning lady to turn off the vacuum cleaner.

Watch Romney's upcoming contribution reports for the Citi deluge/

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  1. They may be abandoning him because they know he's doomed. True. But they took over the White House when Citi replaced JPM as Chief of Staff as seen in this video here.