Sunday, February 26, 2012

Your Email Account Has Been Deactivated

Sovereign Man writes:
Imagine waking up one day only to find out that your email account has been deactivated and the contents seized by some alphabet soup government organization.

That's exactly what happened to one unsuspecting Gmail™ user not long ago.

At the order of a judge, Google® was required to deactivate the user's account and disclose certain private details to the court

Did the Gmail™ user break a law or perhaps violate Google's Terms of Service?


In fact, the user did absolutely nothing wrong according to all parties involved.

The electronic police state is alive and well. And if you're truly determined to live a multiple flag lifestyle, then planting a technology flag is a must in order to diversify your sovereign risk.

Is your current technology setup putting you at risk? You can figure that out pretty quickly...

Just ask yourself, "Is the company that provides my email service and/or website service based in the same jurisdiction where I live, work and hold citizenship?"

If your answer is "Yes," then you are at risk.

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