Friday, February 17, 2012

Major Bitcoin Exchange Shutsdown

TradeHill, a major Bitcoin exchange operator where Bitcoins can be bought and sold has, announced it was suspending trading. In a post on the company blog, TradeHill Chief Executive Officer Jered Kenna cited “increasing regulation” and a lack of funds. “TradeHill can not operate in it’s [sic] current capacity without proper money transmission licensing … [W]e have deemed the best course of action is to halt trading and pursue licensing while raising funds,” he wrote. He also stated that all assets in TradeHill accounts would be returned to clients.

The Japanese site Mt.Gox, is still active and accepting Bitcoin trades.


  1. Robert, I know the TradeHill principals and they had a strong desire to remain a company in the US legal jurisdiction even though alternate avenues existed for them outside of the U.S.

    This new FinCEN announcement from Feb 15th won't help Gox: