Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rand Paul to Obama: Do You Hate Rich People?

CBS News reports:
An animated Senator Rand Paul gave a pointed address at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC, Thursday, asking President Obama both "Do you hate all rich people?" and "Do you hate all poor people?"
The Kentucky Republican answered his own questions and concluded that the answer was no -- he just hates some of them.

"The president doesn't really hate all rich people, just those who don't contribute to his campaign," Paul said.


  1. Rand's quip would make Obama a cynic. Unfortunately he's much worse than a cynic. Obama is a committed Marxist who only needs a second term to let it all hang out.

  2. It was a well delivered speech if you could stand the left right looks to the teleprompter ala Geo. W. Obama.

    And while it is true that we all think we know what is best for America, Rand missed the opportunity to tag GWO as a hypocrite. Best he could do was say he was mistaken, but sincere.

    Two, Rand kept coming back to the prez, but the re was no mention of Dim, much less Repug malfeasance. Constitutionally, the executive shouldn't be that influential, though now - due to that American Idol, the Unitary Executive - the prez has usurped the duties and responsibilities of the legislative branch.