Saturday, February 11, 2012

Two Takes on CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Committee annual convention is in full swing in DC. Romney, Santorum and Geithner have all spoken. Ron Paul is not attending this year.

Here's beltservative Grover Norquist on this year's convention:
CPAC had more than 10,000 attendees. 1300 press/bloggers. 50% under age 25. Big success.
Here the perspective of freedom lover Julie Borowski:

Two days is all I can take of #NeoCPAC. But it was nice meeting a bunch of people in person.

Yeah it is pretty much the neoconservative political action conference now that there is almost zero liberty presence.


  1. Based on this vid from Adam Kokesh and Kurt Wallace from DailyPaul, CPAC was a snoozer without Ron Paul:

  2. I had a great time at CPAC. I got to meet Jim Grant (Ron Paul's suggestion for Fed Chair) right off the bat at a session about the gold standard. Met Rand Paul, Daniel Hannan (liberty guy from UK), and Bruce Fein. I saw Dana Bash, Alan Covert (star of Grandma's Boy), the Rent is Too Damn High guy. There were lots of neocons there. I was really shocked at the positive reaction to Herman Cain and Sarah Palin. People should not be taking these charlatans seriously, but they were getting standing ovations. Occupy stormed the building and was banging on the doors at one point. After that there was a large police presence keeping them away from the hotel. I saw some good anti-war signs among them, but also some signs demanding free healthcare. Paul came in last in the straw poll, which shows how much smaller our presence was there than last year. Still, it was a great trip!